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Bonnie Sweet Robin

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Duration: 00:02:01
Arrangement by Randy Wilkinson The first written reference to this Elizabethan Air was in 1583. Aeolus Dulcimer built by Dale Foye.
Guy Babusek
09/01/13 10:38:34AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much Mary and Karen!

Karen Keane
07/17/13 05:47:03PM @karen-keane:
Very pretty.
Guy Babusek
07/17/13 01:22:01PM @guy-babusek:
Thank you so much, Patty!
Patty from Virginia
07/17/13 01:14:49PM @patty-from-virginia:

Guy, I've been enjoying your videos. This one in no exception. It's lovely. Thanks for postingSmile.gif

Guy Babusek
07/17/13 11:26:23AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you John! That's very kind of you.

John Keane
07/17/13 11:21:55AM @john-keane:

Wonderful piece of music and nicely done...that was great to listen to.

Guy Babusek
07/17/13 03:05:50AM @guy-babusek:

Thanks Dusty!

Dusty Turtle
07/17/13 03:00:05AM @dusty:

Very pretty.

Guy Babusek
07/15/13 05:28:10PM @guy-babusek:
Thank you James!!
James Phillips
07/15/13 05:14:23PM @james-phillips:

simply beautiful GuySmile.gif

Guy Babusek
07/15/13 02:09:23PM @guy-babusek:
Hi John! I have all this written down somewhere, but I believe I use 20/14/10 and I believe the VSL is 29". I do know that I'm tuned CGC for this tune!
John Henry
07/15/13 01:51:19PM @john-henry:

Thank you Guy, my son used to play this on a lute that I made for him yonks ago, brought make memories 115.gif ! Would you be so kind as to explain what strings you currently have on your instrument, and how it is tuned ?


Guy Babusek
07/15/13 11:54:55AM @guy-babusek:

Linda, regarding tempo, I think on these early music pieces especially it is a matter of preference. On Randy's Elizabethan album, he and Cyntia do "Lesson for Two Lutes" at a slow tempo; but Cyntia and Ruth recorded the same piece a few years later on one of their albums at a rather quick tempo. Both sound great to me!

Guy Babusek
07/15/13 10:24:54AM @guy-babusek:
Thank you Wayne and Carrie! Very kind of you!
Guy Babusek
07/15/13 03:22:52AM @guy-babusek:
I havent met him either. I think he's some sort of water engineer or something. Definitely not visible on the dulcimer scene these days.
Linda Jo brockinton
07/15/13 03:18:53AM @linda-jo-brockinton:
I do have a guitar book and the one Bonnie is in. I would have loved to meet him.
Guy Babusek
07/15/13 03:14:36AM @guy-babusek:
Do you have Randy's book of classical guitar pieces for dulcimer? Cyntia studied with him back in the day. She has tons of his tab that never got published. Cyntia is also a magnificent player/composer/arranger too.
Linda Jo brockinton
07/15/13 02:56:07AM @linda-jo-brockinton:
I have heard of her and may have met get when I was there for Summer solaceway back there. I had recorded it back before 2000 but then got his tape and had played it too fast. Hope he never heard it lol , embarrassing !!It was fun fast tho. Tho not appropriate I'm sure.
Guy Babusek
07/15/13 02:49:20AM @guy-babusek:
No. I used Randy's as well. I study with Cyntia Smith. She was the "other" dulcimer playing the duets on his Elizabethan CD.
Linda Jo brockinton
07/15/13 02:48:21AM @linda-jo-brockinton:
I played Randy Wilkersons. I found some really old dulcimer books back in the 90s and and there were 2 of his in the pile. I thought I died and went to heaven. Lol. But that was my favorite . Did you do your own?