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Steven Deckard
04/18/15 12:51:22AM @steven-deckard:

John, you did a beautiful job. Anne is very talented. I am loaning Anne's "And Publish Peace" book to our Worship Director at church. He is going to see if he can use it in our services. April 28 Sonshine Strings is performing at First Baptist church Triple LL or more commonly called Silver Saints monthly luncheon. One of the songs will be Anne's "In the Morning Very Early". We love this song and get more complements about it than any others we play.

Ken Backer
04/17/15 08:31:46AM @ken-backer:

Very nice, John. Thanks for posting.

John Keane
04/17/15 06:59:30AM @john-keane:

Nicely done!

Gordon Hardy
04/17/15 01:15:17AM @gordon-hardy:

Thank you John for this sweet meditation.

Stephanie Stuckwisch
04/16/15 10:54:19PM @stephanie-stuckwisch:

John, that was very sweet. Please give my compliments to Anne, too.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
04/16/15 05:29:34PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Very soulful...want more!

Cynthia Wigington
04/16/15 04:18:20PM @cynthia-wigington:

Beautiful moments John thanks for posting these.