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Ken Hulme
07/04/13 06:59:13PM @ken-hulme:

Patty - yes, I live and worked on Kwajalein, in the Republic of the Marshall Island, for two years. My last really good job as a Technical Writer before retiring.

Patty from Virginia
07/04/13 05:13:16PM @patty-from-virginia:

I like this one too KenSmile.gif For your first recording you did a great job!!! Your t-shirt says Marshall. Does it refer to the Marshall Islands? I'm glad your vids were featured.

Kevin Messenger
07/04/13 04:57:50PM @kevin-messenger:

Ken I have always liked this one, you do it well.

Robin Thompson
08/15/11 10:18:25AM @robin-thompson:

What a treat to get home from a week away and get to hear you play, Ken! And Rosin the Beau is such lovely tune.


PS-You'd better make more videos!

Scott Allen
08/07/11 07:46:03AM @scott-allen:


y nice Ken! That was me you tabbed it out for and I'm glad to say I've been playing it on my traditional style dulcimer, noter drone style. Not as well as you of course, but you have given me something to aspire to!Smile.gif


08/07/11 07:33:24AM @strumelia:

Very nice Ken- good to hear you play after all these years!

I used to have the audio/video sync problem too when recording with my web cam. When i switched to recording with the video feature of my simple cheap digital still camera, that was solved.

08/07/11 07:10:13AM @sam:

Ken you certainly had my toe a'tapping. Hope to hear more from you. Very nicely done.


Dusty Turtle
08/07/11 02:26:03AM @dusty-turtle:

Sounds great, Ken. You play with great precision and feel.

My laptop has trouble keeping the video and audio in sync as well. One thing that might help is to make sure you have no other programs running. To be honest, I wouldn't recognize you without the kilt, since the only time I've seen you was your starring appearance on the Food Network.

Ken Hulme
08/06/11 02:33:28PM @ken-hulme:
Thanx Bobbie, that's not Blackwood. That's a piece of Snakewood, but much bigger than the piece I sent to Robin in Wales. I often get exotic wood for noters by looking for deals on Pen Turning Blanks on Ebay and other wood sites, which are 4-5" long and 3/4" or so square.
Ken Hulme
08/06/11 01:16:06PM @ken-hulme:
As you can tell, I'm not an "audience oriented" performer40.gif I'd rather watch what I'm doing17.gif
Ken Hulme
08/06/11 01:14:19PM @ken-hulme:

Could be worse for a first recording, eh?!

This is the quilted maple and walnut dulcimer that I had Nik Hambas build for me when I was living out in the Pacific.