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Landis Valley Zitter

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Duration: 00:01:06
I play a Pennsylvania German zitter I made based on one in the Landis Valley Museum.
Ken Longfield
06/24/19 09:15:08AM @ken-longfield:

Yes, Jeffrey.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

jeffrey charles foster
06/24/19 07:40:48AM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

Hello was that Simple Gifts Ken?

Norm Williams
03/09/18 10:59:40AM @norm-williams:

Great job all around Ken... really appreciate you, your building and playing too.

Steven Berger
03/03/18 11:19:05PM @steven-berger:

Very nice!

Cynthia Wigington
03/01/18 06:28:49PM @cynthia-wigington:

Very nice building job Ken - and it sounds in tune too. So I guess this was a precursor to the dulcimer as we know it?

Ken Longfield
03/01/18 02:41:35PM @ken-longfield:

Thank you, Jennifer. I still tune in on Friday nights as long I can stay awake. You folks are doing a great job out there.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Jennifer Ranger
03/01/18 11:56:44AM @jennifer-ranger:

Hello there my friend!  This is soooo cool!

Ken Longfield
02/28/18 11:35:30PM @ken-longfield:

Anytime we meet and I have it with me you are welcome to play it Robin.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

Robin Thompson
02/28/18 11:10:20PM @robin-thompson:

Wow, would I love to strum that critter you built, Ken!  

Ken Longfield
02/28/18 10:29:15AM @ken-longfield:

Lisa, I thought I had posted photos of this zitter, but I did not. I just posted three photos. I have more if anyone is interested.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

02/28/18 10:12:03AM @strumelia:

Ken i ADORE this!!

Your zitter has a marvelous hollow 'old' tone, like a bell. The instrument in the museum is now reborn to sing again in a whole new life.  It's a wonderful precious thing you made!

Did you post photos of it?  I wish you had held it up to the camera on all sides a bit in the video, to let us see it 'in the round'.

Terrific job!!!!

Ken Longfield
02/27/18 09:43:03PM @ken-longfield:

Yes, Jeff, that was simple gifts.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

jeffrey charles foster
02/27/18 09:02:10PM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

Nice Job on that Zither Ken was that Simple Gifts


David Bennett
02/27/18 09:00:25PM @david-bennett:


Jim Fawcett
02/27/18 08:57:21PM @jim-fawcett:

Not bad at all, Ken. Like the sound of it.

Rob N Lackey
02/27/18 07:34:59PM @rob-n-lackey:

Way to go, Ken.  Sounds good


Ken Longfield
02/27/18 04:09:38PM @ken-longfield:

When visiting the Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum to photograph, trace, and measure the Pennsylvania German zitters in their collection that are in L. Allen Smith's A Catalogue of Pre-Revival Appalachian Dulcimers, I was told that they had another one in the collection. I photographed, measured, and traced that one as well. This is the zitter I made based on that prototype. Both the playing and the video are a little rough, but I hope you will get a sense of how these instruments sound. This is not the zitter which I hold in my avatar. That one is a copy of one in the Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA.