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Bourrée de Montfort

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:09
Mountain Dulcimer DAdd Capo 1. Fret with pickup and delay.
Composed by Jo Freya/ Blowzabella. A tune for Bagpipes.
Alan Thompson
06/12/20 01:44:01AM @alan-thompson:

Love it Luigi sounds great thank you.

Steven Berger
06/11/20 11:03:55AM @steven-berger:

Very nice, Luigi!

06/11/20 08:57:23AM @luigi:

Compositions for bagpipes or hurdy-gurdy - droneinstruments- are usually also suitable for dulcimer ...
So also the Bourrée de Montfort. A composition by Jo Freya, which also plays with Blowzabella. The drone music band!
This great composition is free for non-commercial use!

I clipped on my 40 year old cheap pickup and sent everything through my mini amplifier street box with delay and chorus ....

... and thanks to the appropriate abc file and the demo version of Tabledit, there are also tabs:

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