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Scottish writen by Maxou Heintzen. Played on mountain dulcimer with Capo at the 1.fret. Tuning: E b ee
01/19/22 07:30:42PM @davisjames:

That's interesting[as well as beautiful]...Perhaps you meant to say"shottische",a dance form that still exists in Western Canada[the music fits]...1+2+3+4+1+2+hop,skip, jump...something like that...danced by couples.

Jennifer Wren
01/16/22 04:09:14PM @jennifer-wren:

I love that!

Dusty Turtle
01/09/22 11:12:33PM @dusty-turtle:

You provided such a good camera angle on your fretboard, you made it easy for me.  Thanks!

Luigi: @dusty-turtle: Wow, you are really very fast.

01/09/22 04:16:37PM @luigi:

@dusty-turtle: Wow,you are really very fast.

Dusty Turtle
01/09/22 03:15:07PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks so much, @luigi.  Ironically, after I posted my comment I immediately began tabbing out the tune.  By the time I saw you had responded, I had finished!  But at least I know I got it mostly right.  Thanks again.

01/09/22 12:29:03PM @luigi:

@Dusty-turtle: Thank you! I look forward to hear your version. Here are the tabs for better practice...

Mominette.pdf  •  460KB

Dusty Turtle
01/09/22 11:47:22AM @dusty-turtle:

Cool tune, Luigi, and nice playing! I just added this one to my "to learn" list, perhaps to play in a medley with Emma's Waltz, which also uses the capo at 1.