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@ButtercupVictoria, 09/19/18 09:43:09AM
Hi Monica. Darn I lost your email to me! I am coming up to Montreal October 7 - 9. Are you still interested in selling your Blue Lion? Can you once again give me the price you are asking? I think I won't be able to afford it, but I'd like to take a look and consider it. If I feel it's right for me, perhaps I could give you a down payment of half and then come back in a couple months with the rest. Would appreciate your best price. Thanks, Victoria
I'll email you now
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@Gerald, 03/03/16 08:48:45PM
I live in Havelock, Quebec (about an hour from Montreal) and I am looking to meet folks that play Mountain Dulcimer. I am considering hosting an event at my house, maybe sometime in the summer months. I am thinking an afternoon kind of jam session where we could share some of our favorite tunes and probably get acquainted with some new ones. I have only been playing for about 3 years, so I am a long way from an expert. player. I would certainly welcome anyone who has a dulcimer in hand. Any style of playing, any style of music, en anglais ou en francais...all are welcome. Would like to have some feedback if this would be something that would interest you.
I have sent this invitation to all the members of the FOTMD near Montreal. Let me know. My email is Cheers Gerald
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@sleepingangel, 12/19/15 03:02:17AM
Hey Monica,
I'm in such a quandary....I have an ALL walnut (top back and sides) with ebony overlay ordered from McSpadden but I'm still on the fence as to if I should change the top to Redwood....any opinions would be so appreciated. I own a 27 year old all black walnut Walnut Valley Duclimer which I do love but don't know if I should get something different (I do love the way the redwood looks..and I play picking more than chords) AHHHHH lol...(it's a good problem to have though I guess...)I tried to message you but it didn't find your name...
Thanks so much!