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Black Mountain Rag on Mountain Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:02:25
John Hawk and Phil Myers play a traditional fiddle tune on Modern Mountain Dulcimers. One female golden retriever named Ellie as audience.
John Keane
06/24/13 06:10:04AM @john-keane:

In Black Mountain of all places! Grin.gif

Phil Myers
06/23/13 09:38:36PM @phil-myers:

Ditto, John!

John Keane
06/22/13 07:34:25PM @john-keane:

Nice playin' this tune with you a couple of weeks ago!

Cheryl Johnson
06/22/13 04:03:28PM @cheryl-johnson:

That rocks! Sorry I'm just seeing this now....I missed a good one! Say hi to Hawk.

Phil Myers
02/09/13 03:58:14PM @phil-myers:

Thx everyone! BMR is a fun tune that I really enjoy playing.

Karen Keane
02/08/13 05:54:47PM @karen-keane:
I don't know if Ellie's tail was waggin' but mine sure was. Great job guys!!!
Rob N Lackey
02/08/13 05:44:16PM @rob-n-lackey:

That was great, Phil. Y'all got some good harmonies going there. Enjoyed it very much

John Keane
02/08/13 05:26:30PM @john-keane:

Great job with the harmonies!

Brian G.
02/08/13 04:35:55PM @brian-g:

Very nice, gentlemen! I really enjoyed listening and watching that. :)

Patty from Virginia
02/08/13 04:16:22PM @patty-from-virginia:

Great!!!69.gif . I sure was tapping my toes on this one.

BJ Jordan
02/08/13 02:31:57PM @betty-bj-jordan:

Well done...great toe tapp'n tune.


Robin Thompson
02/08/13 02:10:39PM @robin-thompson:
What fun! And Ellie has good taste in music. :)
Dana R. McCall
02/08/13 12:28:25PM @dana-r-mccall:

That was GREAT I love Black Mtn Rag!