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Quittin' Time at Essex Mine on lap dulcimer in noter/drone style and guitar

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Duration: 00:03:16
We're situated the way we are to try to get the best sound balance between my dulcimer and Mark's guitar. As far as tempo goes, I think I follow Mark and he thinks he follows me. However it goes, neither of us is a human metronome. :)The lap dulcimer is tuned to EAA and Mark's guitar is in standard tuning. We came up with this tune some weeks ago and enjoy playing it!
Robin Thompson
03/16/13 09:36:34PM @robin-thompson:
Yes, a life of its own. Thanks again, Chuck!
Chuck Moseley
03/16/13 03:55:41PM @chuck-moseley:

I love them both! I have to admit I heard Randy's first then found yours. But you know Robin, you give brith to this song and then it just sort of takes on a life of its own. Just a beautiful song.

Robin Thompson
03/16/13 11:16:50AM @robin-thompson:
Thanks, Chuck!Randy Adams's play of Quittin' Time (tuning he uses, timing, use of slides) lets me know how this needs to be played when played as a solo dulcimer tune-- I flat-out love what he does with the tune! To my ear, my play of the tune needs Mark's accompaniment to sound complete while accompaniment would detract, I think, from Randy's play of QT.
Chuck Moseley
03/16/13 08:26:04AM @chuck-moseley:

This is an absolutely beautiful tune - I L-O-V-E it!! You both play so well. Thanks for sharing this! Grin.gif

Robin Thompson
01/21/13 04:23:16PM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks, Nigel! We enjoy playing this together!

Nigel Pennick
01/21/13 11:54:57AM @nigel-pennick:

A beautiful tune beautifully played

Robin Thompson
12/03/12 11:56:04AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, Cheryl!

Cheryl James
12/02/12 11:51:04PM @cheryl-james:
Just bumped into this video, what a gem of a tune!
Robin Thompson
12/02/12 04:48:35PM @robin-thompson:


This is Robin. Mark says he has no clue about whether it is difficult for the DAd dulcimer to accompany fiddles in a square dance. Perhaps you could pose your question on the general music forum.

Robin Thompson
12/02/12 10:29:05AM @robin-thompson:

Hi, Ron, thanks for the nice comment! This is Robin typing right now. To give you the information about the chords, I'm going to turn my computer over to Mark.Smile.gif

Hi Ron, In the first part (a part) I play an A chord and a G chord. On the second part (b part) I start with what I think is an A2 chord. I play the B string open on that first strum and hold the rest of the a chord on the G and D strings. Then on the next strum I hammer on the C# note on the B string to play an A Major chord in 1st position. The other 2 chords in the b part are G and E. A part of tune...A,G,A,G. B part of tune...A2, A,G,A,A2,A,E,A. I hope this helps. Mark

Robin Thompson
12/01/12 05:31:01PM @robin-thompson:
Thank you, Karen! We have a good time playing the tune.
Karen Keane
12/01/12 11:38:50AM @karen-keane:

That was just great!

Robin Thompson
11/30/12 11:31:00AM @robin-thompson:

John, you could play circles around me, my friend! I feel most fortunate to have a partner with whom to make homemade music. Thank you for the nice comment about the tune-- I'll tell Mark!

Robin Thompson
11/30/12 10:33:26AM @robin-thompson:

Hey, we're glad you liked this little tune, Dan and Patty! Thank you for the kind comments!

Patty from Virginia
11/30/12 07:59:08AM @patty-from-virginia:

That is a nice tune RobinSmile.gif . You and Mark complement each other beautifullySmile.gif . I love to hear your tunes!

Robin Thompson
11/29/12 08:39:37PM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks, Val & Gayle! There's nothing like making music at home!

Gayle Maurer
11/29/12 07:33:08PM @gayle-maurer:

Very, very nice!

Robin Thompson
11/29/12 08:46:32AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, fellas! (Hey, Mark and I have had the pleasure of spending time with you last 3 "Commentators"Smile.gif )

Sam, yup, we came up with this tune, too. Basically, how we've done it is I work out a tune on MD and make a recording. Mark uses the recording then to come up with with accompaniment. It's fun!

11/29/12 05:34:41AM @sam:

Robin, please forgive me, I'm a little slow. I read "when we were naming the tune" ... Is this an original composition from you and Mark? It's a very beautiful, lilting piece. You two have a great harmony together ... music ain't too bad either!


Rob N Lackey
11/29/12 04:33:06AM @rob-n-lackey:

Y'all done real good again! That's a great tune.