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Sussex Carol

Sussex Carol

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I was so inspired by Robin C’s rendition of this tune around last Christmas that I told( threatened) myself that I had to learn at least a version of it I’m not saying I have spent all year trying to learn although it kinda feels like it given how many attempts went wrong It hasn’t got the finesse of Robin’s version ( and probably not all of the notes either!!) but I’ve enjoyed trying the capture the tune
03/20/18 01:46:59PM @ariane:

Beautifully played!

12/30/17 11:00:16AM @strumelia:

This makes me feel like i'm riding in a sleigh. So festive and pretty!

Steve Battarbee
12/29/17 04:39:12AM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks to all for your comments. Much appreciated!

Irene, it’s 3 string. I liked the arrangement too but can’t take credit for it myself as I learnt the piece by ear from Robin Clarke’s version of the tune

It’s played in Ddd with a capo at 3 which I guess gives it that extra brightness 

Annie Deeley
12/26/17 11:14:00PM @annie-deeley:

How fun that is! And how finely played, Steve!

12/21/17 02:28:20AM @marg:

This is the song the group I am with opens our Christmas plays with. I love the sound of your dulcimer, it adds so much to the song. Very nice

Lexie R Oakley
12/21/17 01:03:07AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Steve this tune shines with joy thank you for sharing with us. You played it beautifully!

One of my favorite Christmas tunes.

Janene Millen
12/21/17 12:57:47AM @janene-millen:

Wonderful use of a it

12/20/17 11:13:06PM @irene:

I love this one.   I love how you started out with only the melody string.  hummmmmmmmmm. 3 strings or 4....2 being the melody strings?  aloha, irene

Ben Barr Jr
12/20/17 08:07:07PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Real nice Steve.  It sounded good.


Steve Battarbee
12/20/17 05:33:37PM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks everyone for such positive comments 

Cynthia Wigington
12/20/17 04:33:22PM @cynthia-wigington:

I don't think the Christmas music on here has ever been better than this year - these are the carols I long to hear, and this one too is as beautiful as I've ever heard it played Steve. Your work was worth it!

Dusty Turtle
12/20/17 12:54:20PM @dusty:

This is really nice, Steve.  The song works so well in a drone style and you bring the joy out of the melody.  Nice work!

Bob Reinsel
12/20/17 11:24:46AM @bob-reinsel:

Steve, I love it.  I'm going to learn it myself!

Robin Thompson
12/20/17 06:26:01AM @robin-thompson:

Oh, Steve, this carol is joyous-- wonderfully played!