Location: New Tazewell, TN
Country: USA

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Für Cari

Für Cari

style or instrument: Noter/Drone

musician/member name: Dulcimore Dan

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Tuned Dorian
04/20/22 09:43:11AM @greg-gunner:

Lisa, Dan has a great method of labeling his instruments.  #17-20 would be the 17th instrument that Dan built in the year 2020.  

04/20/22 09:12:09AM @dan:


I'm curious as to what the #17-20 means in your jotted down tab notes, Dan?

#17-20 is the instrument it was recorded with. I recorded it once before and wasn't happy with it and tried it again with this piece.

04/20/22 08:44:36AM @strumelia:

I'm curious as to what the #17-20 means in your jotted down tab notes, Dan?

Robin Thompson
04/15/22 08:46:34PM @robin-thompson:

A beautiful tribute to Cari, Dan.