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Elvensong Commercial with dulcimer soundtrack

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:02
Elvensong was a video production company at one time -- this is a short commercial showing fabulous highlights of some of our wonderful weddings!
08/26/18 12:53:18PM @elvensong:


So nice- the music is splendid (as usual!). What a nice production nod

Hey thanks Bob. I wrote that song around 1987 iirc. It's called The Courts of Rivendell - inspired by the works of JRR Tolkien

08/26/18 09:55:05AM @bob:

So nice- the music is splendid (as usual!). What a nice production nod

Jack Ferguson
08/25/18 11:50:33PM @jack-ferguson:


06/06/18 08:30:41PM @mandy:

Wow just wow!  Cool.

05/10/18 03:18:17AM @elvensong:

Robin Thompson:

What great work, Elvensong!  It is neat to hear how you used mountain dulcimer in a commercial context.  

Thank you so much, Robin! We had fun but boy it was a lot of work.

It was just my wife and I and we had 4 cameras running during rehearsal, wedding day prep, the wedding and the reception. It often took 30-40 hours just to load the cameras’ tapes into our editing suite.

You couldn’t yell “Cut! Let’s do that one more time!” So it was the most stressful job ever. But we had a blast editing the final DVDs for over 70 weddings. 

But I think I’ll stick with music. 😉

Robin Thompson
05/09/18 11:44:44AM @robin-thompson:

What great work, Elvensong!  It is neat to hear how you used mountain dulcimer in a commercial context.  

Christine Shoemaker
05/07/18 08:52:53PM @christine-shoemaker:

Wow - most excellent work, Elvensong!!!  clap


04/20/18 11:58:51AM @elvensong:

Janene Millen:

this is beautiful



Thank you Janene. I was telling Elaine this morning that though the commercial has some great footage, it doesn't really convey what we did with the actual wedding videos. There is a hint of creativity starting at 2:28 to the end of the video. "If a picture is worth a thousand words..."

Thanks again for showing your appreciation! flower

Janene Millen
04/20/18 08:02:12AM @janene-millen:

this is beautiful


04/20/18 05:43:17AM @elvensong:


 *We produced this commercial and I was excited to use my song The Courts Of Rivendell as the soundtrack. Several of our customers requested we use the song in their wedding video - who'd a thunk it?*

So during "the dark times", my brother-in-law asked me to video their wedding (single camera) on Aug 25, 2001, so I agreed. I decided to try my hand at editing and had a blast. They were moved to tears. 

Elaine and I were sharing that first video with our co-workers at IBM when someone ran into the room screaming "two jets just flew into the World Trade Center!" We watched the news in shock! We could no longer focus on work so we went home. It was hauntingly quiet with zero air traffic for a couple of days.

My wife, Elaine, and I formed Elvensong Productions and grabbed our first customer within a couple of weeks. We invested in some nice gear and off we went. We were both working full time at IBM so our days were full. After three months in business I quit IBM to do video production full time. We made lots of commercials for wedding vendors and venues.

The two of us used 4 cameras at every rehearsal/wedding and 3 sound systems. You can't yell "Cut - do it again" during a wedding so this was one of the most stressful jobs I've ever had.

But I LOVED to create beautiful videos from the hours of footage we shot. Literally it would take 20-30 hours just to load the tapes (digital) into Final Cut before we could begin editing. We stuck with it for 5 years. This was the creative outlet I needed ( or so I thought).

In that time, we did 70+ weddings and teamed up with two other companies to produce a TV show for brides called Brides Northwest. It was fun but the wedding industry is infamous for their tight purse strings. so we just couldn't make enough money for the 100+ hours we would spend editing. 

Anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of hearing the dulcimer in a different media.