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The Prophet - Shady Grove

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Gail Webber
12/23/13 08:32:57PM @gail-webber:

Geekling, I am recovering pretty well. I actually recorded this afew months ago. Oh that my left leg would bend back that far right now! Helen, that middle part of Shady Grove is a break that my teacher taught me - kind of breaks it up nicely. Dave, thanks for the nice comment - looking forward to getting back together with you and Don to play in the spring!

Helen Seiler
12/23/13 03:42:34PM @helen-seiler:

Great playing there Gail. I love the full sound of your dulcimer. And thanks for showing me the second part to Shady Grove, I only had the first and had thought ' this is such a great tune, there must be more'. Now I have it! Merry Christmas from me down here.

Gail Webber
07/27/13 10:47:37AM @gail-webber:

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. These are 2 tunes I like to play in DAc tuning and I just kinda put them together.

Robin Clark
07/27/13 08:00:03AM @robin-clark:

That's lovely Gail - great tone and touch from both hands 113.gif

John Keane
07/26/13 09:05:29PM @john-keane:

Very well done! Smile.gif

Cheryl Johnson
07/26/13 07:14:05PM @cheryl-johnson:
I like your version Gail!! Nice strumming too!
Helen Seiler
07/26/13 06:07:48PM @helen-seiler:
Great version Gail, thanks for the nice start to my day here in Oz.