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In the Bleak Midwinter

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Henry W. Pere, Jr.
01/11/15 06:39:38PM @henry-w-pere-jr:

If I try and print out the Steve Smith's "In the Bleak Mid Winter" thatsomehow the file download to my computer as a PDF file and today I decided to check for the file on my computer and found it there and was able to print it out. Even thought I had this problem I still tanks anyone who directed to site and I recommend to anyone who has a similar problem to check that computer if they have installed the PDF software. henry

Henry W. Pere, Jr.
01/04/15 02:20:40PM @henry-w-pere-jr:

I accessed the Everything Dulcimer and for some unknown reason I'm unable to print out the Steve Smith tabs, all I achieve isfully blacked print, however I'm able to print out the Robert Sutton without any problem. I had forgotten I had received blacked prints previously and it may have beenSteve Smith's tabs.

Henry W. Pere, Jr.
01/04/15 02:02:22PM @henry-w-pere-jr:

Thank you. I normally access the Everything Dulcimer site at least once a month, however,I haven'tdone so in a while. Again thank you.

Gail Webber
01/04/15 01:19:31PM @gail-webber:

Henry, there are tabs for it on the Everything Dulcimer site. I use the basic tab arranged by Steve Smith and then just throw in some individual strings where I feel like it makes sense.

Henry W. Pere, Jr.
01/03/15 08:13:45PM @henry-w-pere-jr:

This is a beautiful piece and have just recently perfume it with a church choir; searched formountain Dulcimer tabs on line to no avail.Grin.gif

Gail Webber
12/18/14 10:54:49AM @gail-webber:

Thanks, Geekling. I am enjoying trying something different.

Gail Webber
12/15/14 10:13:14PM @gail-webber:

Thanks John Henry, John K, Brian and Dusty. I love this tune, too.

John Henry
12/15/14 06:18:29PM @john-henry:

Thanks Gail, bedtime here, this a good tune to turn in with !


John Keane
12/15/14 06:08:23PM @john-keane:

Nice job!

Brian G.
12/15/14 03:58:54PM @brian-g:

Very nice Gail. I love this tune. :)

Dusty Turtle
12/15/14 03:15:48PM @dusty-turtle:

That's very pretty, Gail.

Gail Webber
12/15/14 11:42:41AM @gail-webber:

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I guess I can't call today the bleak midwinter since it's beautiful, sunny and supposed to be 60 degrees here in Greensboro, NC! Bob, I am in DAd tuning. Lexie, I am not sure I am using the proper term, but I am doing some strumming along with picking some individual strings. I can't do the beautiful fingerpicking style that some players do - I just can't get a good sound. I just throw in some individual notes on strings with my pick where it seems to make sense.

Lexie R Oakley
12/15/14 11:30:52AM @lexie-r-oakley:

This is beautiful song, you did a beautiful job of playing.

Gail What is Cross picking? I have not heard this term.

Guy Babusek
12/15/14 10:26:07AM @guy-babusek:

That was just lovely!

Bob Reinsel
12/15/14 09:35:48AM @bob-reinsel:

Very nice. This is one of my favorite old Christmas songs. Just curious, what tuning are you using?

Ken Backer
12/15/14 09:01:52AM @ken-backer:

Very fine lovely playing, Gail. We haven't seen the sun for days and days here so the tune really hits home.

Gail Webber
12/14/14 09:02:43PM @gail-webber:

Thanks, Cindy. I've been helping someone out over the last couple of weeks who is having some problems. By today I was able to take a break. It was a good day to wind down - playing dulcimer and baking cookies!

Paul Killian
12/14/14 08:38:18PM @paul-killian:

I love this song. Very pretty. Thanks.

Cindy Stammich
12/14/14 06:31:54PM @cindy-stammich:

Gail, I love this song - and this was beautiful!Smile.gif

Gail Webber
12/14/14 05:05:32PM @gail-webber:

Thanks Lexie, Dave and Kristi. I appreciate it.