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Loch Lomond on a Soprano Dulcimer

Loch Lomond on a Soprano Dulcimer
Duration: 00:00:54
Just a short video used in explaining how to post a video to a website.
Jan Potts
03/15/17 11:24:52PM @jan-potts:

Thanks for listening!

03/14/17 01:32:08AM @sleepingangel:

really cute instrument...and very sweet sounding too!! 


Bill Strech
03/09/17 11:33:49PM @bill-s:

That was so nice!


Jan Potts
03/08/17 11:25:22AM @jan-potts:

Many thanks to you, Monica, Cynthia, Gail, Lexie, Sam, Benjamin, Dusty!  Reading your comments, it feels like playing before a crowd of people--like I'm "cyber busking" except that there's no money in the case! 

This "million bucks" instrument is less than $200.  I bought mine from Gary and Toni Sager of Prussia Valley Music Shop and had Gary add the 1.5 fret for about $20 more.  I like the sound holes...the ones by the strum hollow (that you can't see) are white oak leaves and acorns and the ones higher up are squirrels (you can see that better if you look at the picture upside down).  I figured that since I'm a little nuts, this suits me well!

I have some regret, now, that I didn't take the time to retune before I made the demo, but if folks like it anyway then I guess it really doesn't matter all that much!

Thanks, everyone!

03/07/17 06:06:31PM @monica:

pretty song and playing!

Dusty Turtle
03/06/17 11:26:14PM @dusty-turtle:

Like sweet little chimes.  Nice playing, Jan.  You take a well-worn tune and make it thoroughly enjoyable.

03/06/17 01:35:40PM @sam:

Beautifully played Jan. Your dulcimer sounds so sweet and looks like a million bucks !

Gail Webber
03/06/17 01:20:32PM @gail-webber:

Very nice, Jan!

Benjamin W Barr Jr
03/06/17 08:28:24AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice, but a bit short.  Want more!

Lexie R Oakley
03/06/17 08:18:21AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very nice Jan, love hearing you finger pick your soprano dulcimer.

Cynthia Wigington
03/06/17 06:28:55AM @cynthia-wigington:

Another beauty from you Jan

Jan Potts
03/06/17 02:58:34AM @jan-potts:

Thanks Steve, Patty, and Caleb!  Sorry I couldn't get a better view of my plucking fingers...I was only half dressed and still wearing pj's, so I was trying to just focus on the instrument as much as possible, with the greater emphasis on my fingering.

This is a "Little Mule" dulcimer made by Jim Fox in Indiana and the VSL is 18".  The whole dulcimer is just under 25 inches.  He makes these very sturdy, so they take some rough handling OK--they would be great for traveling, camping, or children, etc,

When my right hand was severely injured 5 years ago--just after I'd learned a bit of fingerpicking--I thought it was a disaster, but what it did was teach me alternative ways to accomplish what I wanted to do.  It took 3 years for my hand to heal and I have since made some changes in my technique and I enjoy what I am now doing--which is the important thing!  Some songs just seem to need fingerpicking when I start to play.  I've even been known to fingerpick "John Stinson #2", even--which is really weird!

Caleb Dan Bennett
03/05/17 10:35:33PM @caleb-dan-bennett:

Loved it! Love the way you do the finger picking. Wish I could learn that lol

Patty from Virginia
03/05/17 05:45:26PM @patty-from-virginia:

Wow! That's great! What is the VSL on that?

Steven Berger
03/05/17 05:03:46AM @steven-berger:

Sounds good, Jan!