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Maid Gone to Comber or Next Market Day

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Janene Millen
02/09/15 10:29:15AM @janene-millen:

Thanks Charley...seems you may like some of thoseOLD tunes.

Janene Millen
01/30/15 12:17:55PM @janene-millen:

Well,now I'm really inspired to look for moresimilar songs to work out for dulcimer...I usually do the really slow ones. Thanks for letting me know you enjoy it.

Bob Reinsel
01/30/15 11:27:55AM @bob-reinsel:

Janene, I've listened to this several times and keep coming back to it. Thanks.

Ken Backer
01/30/15 09:30:39AM @ken-backer:

Janene, put me down for a copy as well.

John Henry
01/30/15 08:52:13AM @john-henry:

Well, I'd buy one !!! Thanks for sharing Janene.


Janene Millen
01/30/15 08:44:05AM @janene-millen:

Thanks Oliver and Geekling.

About a CD, don't know about that, but I'm thinking I have to make some kind of "break through" this year...not sure what that will be. New Year's resolutions and all. Glad if you enjoy my singing as I've enjoyed doing it since I started a few years ago. Added much to my enjoyment of my dulcimer.

Oliver Ogden
01/29/15 03:18:04PM @oliver-ogden:

Thank you I enjoy hearing this and and also the vocals

Janene Millen
01/29/15 10:30:31AM @janene-millen:
Thanks Dusty. That was a pinch pinch accompaniment I had to adapt, as I'm not used to a quick song and a strum strum accompaniment sounded too choppy. I had the bit at the beginning I kind imitated the feel from another song (The Bitter the Parting--John Doyle and Kate Rusby), and needed to find a song to put it to and Val mentioned this song.I need help sleeping..I use ZzQuil..maybe I should put together a tape for myself.I just listened to The Bitter the Parting again...it's so painfully gorgeous, to say I took my bit from that...well I drew INSPIRATION from it, let's say.
Dusty Turtle
01/29/15 12:51:10AM @dusty-turtle:

Very nice. I love the way your picking approach changes when you stop playing the melody and begin backing up your vocals. You keep a nice rhythm going without attracting attention away from your voice. And your singing is just wonderful. If I call you in the evenings, will you sing me to sleep?Smile.gif This is really good stuff!

Janene Millen
01/27/15 02:57:25PM @janene-millen:

Thanks for listening, especially if it'sa song you've never heard of.

Thanks Val for steering me to this song, I usually don't attempt "perky" songs. I had the intro bit, but no song to use for it, so this solved that problem Smile.gif My little "blue friend" looks like bright neon ....I guess it's so I can't lose it so easy.

Ron Larson2
01/27/15 11:19:23AM @ron-larson2:

When is your CD coming out?Grin.gifGrin.gifGrin.gif

John Keane
01/27/15 07:02:45AM @john-keane:

Another gem from you! Smile.gif

01/27/15 03:51:17AM @macaodha:

Very nicely performed Jan,a first dulcimer arrangement for that song,I would say, very well done.

Cindy Stammich
01/26/15 10:49:33PM @cindy-stammich:

Sooooo pretty Janene! I absolutely love your fingerpicking!!!Smile.gif

Ken Backer
01/26/15 08:08:53PM @ken-backer:

Very pretty playing and singing, Janene. You does real good on them ballads from the old country. I like your little blue friend on the peg head..Grin.gif

01/26/15 05:37:44PM @monica:


Janene Millen
01/26/15 05:05:24PM @janene-millen:
Thanks so much Lexie...oops I didn't notice the volume was so loud...
Lexie R Oakley
01/26/15 04:42:37PM @lexie-r-oakley:
Truely beautiful Janene, aww your voice is so lovely and your playing this wonder song is magical.