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Red Wing

Red Wing

style or instrument: lap dulcimer & guitar

musician/member name: Robin & Mark

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Robin Thompson
02/28/16 09:12:55PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, Robin! 


@Salt-Springs thank you for the link!  

I read a fascinating book about Amazing Grace not many years back.  

It'd be an honor if you learned one of our little tunes! 

Salt Springs
02/28/16 01:54:52PM @salt-springs:

I know, it is amazing some of the old renditions of songs and tunes we take for granted have evolved.   For example, most all of us recognize Amazing Grace when we hear it, but that tune really did not become particularly popular until the 1960's..........and John Newton who penned the verses never heard it sung to the New Britain tune that we are familiar is a link that you can use to hear various tunes that Amazing Grace was sung to done by Mark Rhodes up at Bethel College.  My favorite is hearing it sung to House of the Rising Sun, which Jack Marti does.   His site takes a little time to figure out, but over on the right hand side you can click on the tune names, like Colchester and here Amazing Grace sung in some of the ways it was often presented in the mid 1800's.   (See, all those years of Seminary and undergraduate school, were not a total!  And besides, if they ever revive the name that tune show I might have a shot at winning a teapot or something.)  BTW, I think you and Mark are top notch, maybe before I offer up the final croak, I'll learn some of your tunes...........

Robin Clark
02/28/16 01:48:12PM @robin-clark:

Lovely thumbsup

Robin Thompson
02/28/16 10:30:55AM @robin-thompson:

Friends, thank you for the nice comments!  I'd love to hear y'all post your play of Red Wing in the Call the Tune group.  

@Salt-Springs thanks for the link!  Wow, that is a far cry from a fiddle tune. :) I love these sorts of snapshots of days gone by!  (Only one of my grandparents had even been born when the recording was made.) 

02/27/16 11:48:15PM @dan:


Salt Springs
02/27/16 11:20:06PM @salt-springs:

This is a great tune....have you ever heard the original done in 1907 by Frederick H. Potter and preserved on an Edison wax cylinder...........

Nicely done, as usual............grand!  By the way the lyrics to this tune can often change to match the circumstances in which one finds themselves..........we had several versions that were sung aboard ship....all of which might be considered NSFSS, (not safe for Sunday School).

Kevin Messenger
02/27/16 11:14:15PM @kevin-messenger:

You two always nail it. Great job.

Steven Berger
02/27/16 11:07:35PM @steven-berger:

One of my favorite tunes...thank you!

Leonard Griffin
02/27/16 02:54:35PM @leonard-griffin:

Wonderful Robin!

Gail Webber
02/27/16 02:18:30PM @gail-webber:

Sounds great!