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Road to Lisdoonvarna

Road to Lisdoonvarna

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This Irish tune was recorded with my former duo "Groovy Green" - I play my little TK O`Brian travel hammered dulcimer, my friend guitars. I am quite a new member and have not yet recorded a tune with my mountain dulcimer but have read and learned so many things from this community that I at least would like to say thank you with a musical greeting - even though it is not with a mountain dulcimer - but after all: a dulcimer :)
05/07/18 01:38:28PM @ariane:

@Jim - thank you so much for your kind comment flower

05/04/18 12:12:58PM @jp:

i like the sound of that dulcimer and you are very good.

my MD is TK Obrien... jive

04/16/18 12:17:23PM @ariane:

@Benjamin - thank you very much for your kind comment. flower

Benjamin W Barr Jr
04/16/18 07:50:59AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Beautiful sound and song. 

04/16/18 05:55:17AM @ariane:

@Elvensong - I am very happy to read your kind comment. flower

04/15/18 05:27:39PM @elvensong:

Wow you are multi-talented! I tried hammered dulcimer (and Celtic harp) back in the 80s and really LOVED noodling with them but I started spreading myself too thin so I chose to stick with the easiest one to play! giggle2


Thank you, Ariane  jive

02/28/18 01:49:50PM @ariane:

Thank you Betty and Brian for your very kind comments

BJ Jordan
02/28/18 09:41:19AM @betty-bj-jordan:

Very nice indeed. Lots of talent. Thanks for sharing with us.


Brian G.
02/23/18 06:16:25PM @brian-g:

Lovely!  Thanks for sharing.  :)

02/23/18 10:15:58AM @strumelia:

To @luigi
please see my comment on your profile page concerning a glitch with your account email.  Thanks!

02/22/18 02:44:55PM @ariane:

Vielen vielen Dank Cynthia 

Cynthia Wigington
02/20/18 02:43:32PM @cynthia-wigington:

Absolut fantastisch! Es ist eine Freude Dich hier zu haben.

02/19/18 02:09:35PM @ariane:

Thank you both very much for your kind comments - also nice to hear that you too play the hammered dulcimer, Luigi.

Was für Stücke spielst Du so?

Robin Thompson
02/19/18 11:12:31AM @robin-thompson:

What a joy to hear this, Ariane!  It is a pleasure to have you here at FOTMD.  

02/19/18 09:46:29AM @luigi:

Wonderfull played. Ich spiele auch hammered dulcimer, aber so ein schnelles Tempo gelingt mir (noch) nicht.