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Shenandoah, Dulcimer, Uke, Percussion

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Duration: 00:03:40
A less dreadful version than the first I hope, for James' Feb. challenge on FOTMD. Your bagpipe tuned dulcimer, Ddd capo 3, and baritone uke played in G. A b...
Cynthia Wigington
07/28/22 07:21:08PM @cynthia-wigington:

Rob, to tell you the truth I had forgotten it as well. It's a real classic song though. Maybe someday we can sing and play it together. Can always dream, ya know?

Rob N Lackey
07/28/22 01:25:40PM @rob-n-lackey:

Why didn't I remember this?  Glad someone brought it back to the forefront. 

Cynthia Wigington
07/28/22 12:25:29PM @cynthia-wigington:

Thanks Lisa, and I'll have to look for the Shenandoah switch grasses. I seem to be getting some different volunteers this summer - both flowers and switch grasses.

07/28/22 11:50:01AM @strumelia:

So nice, Cynthia! Very creative. The sound goes well with the song's theme of rolling away on the water.

We planted some new switch grasses in our backyard meadow this year-  the particular variety has beautiful rusty burgundy leaves and seed stalks in the Fall. It's called Shenandoah.

Cynthia Wigington
07/28/22 08:53:40AM @cynthia-wigington:

Thanks so much John. If you like this one, you might also enjoy the Three Blind Mice all Jazzed up I did with the strange tuning. It may not be on here anymore but it is on YouTube still I believe. I have no idea where I got that idea from either, but I also would like to see more of these. I used to record using the YouTube recorder and I haven't got a new way to do it so until I do, as Daffy Duck said, "That's all folks." 

John W. McKinstry
07/27/22 06:14:45PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Hi Cynthia, I just heard your song Shenandoah and I loved your voice and also the way you accompanied yourself with both the Baritone Uke, and the Ddd Capo 3 Dulcimer. It was such a delightful offering.  I'd like to hear more of these.

Cynthia Wigington
02/12/15 09:29:56AM @cynthia-wigington:

Thanks Robert, I seem to be thinking of lots of things I never thought of before...the problem is remembering how to do them again. You have fun with all the videos especially, loads of inspiration.

Cynthia Wigington
02/08/15 05:20:35PM @cynthia-wigington:
Thanks Ben, for the love of James I did it, haven't been able to quite get it since. The other morning Greta was enjoying Hand Me Down my Walking Cane, and chewing loudly on her bone, I thought it was such a great sound, but alas, she got self-conscious when I encouraged her and chewed more softly, major bummer...I did a howling version of that on yt if you're interested for Lexie's dog Smiley...
Ben Barr Jr
02/08/15 03:44:24PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice Cynthia, and two instruments at once!Grin.gif

Cynthia Wigington
02/05/15 09:33:19AM @cynthia-wigington:

Thanks Steve, and it's funny, I don't seem to be able to repeat that act with much success.

Steve Battarbee
02/05/15 09:04:57AM @steve-battarbee:

Well done with this Cynthia although since I have enough trouble trying to master one instrument forgive me if I don't follow your lead!

Cynthia Wigington
02/02/15 11:46:52PM @cynthia-wigington:

Thanks a heap Helen - I'm still waiting for that weird vision of you hanging by your ankles from the ceiling introducing an instrument you have just invented that can only be played that way. I'm thinking next maybe I can strum my new kantele with my right big toe. Vermont's own Lynn Austin built it for me, awaiting delivery. If you need another dulcimer, she's worth looking at. She won't sell this one, but at some point she will have too start letting them go, right?

Cynthia Wigington
02/02/15 11:39:28PM @cynthia-wigington:

Well Lynn, I can't wait to hear me doing something with the kantele anyway, if it ever stops snowing here and the roads are good for a day.

Cynthia Wigington
02/02/15 11:37:14PM @cynthia-wigington:
Thanks Ken. This was a fun one to do. Steppin' out for James, you know?
Cynthia Wigington
02/02/15 11:35:14PM @cynthia-wigington:

Thank you Gail.

Cynthia Wigington
02/02/15 05:48:48PM @cynthia-wigington:

Thank you so much Ann. It was fun to do.

Cynthia Wigington
02/02/15 05:22:20PM @cynthia-wigington:

Thanks James, only for you. I tried doing this again last night, not quite sure how I managed it. Maybe Greta was banging on the dulcimer with her tail? Quite mysterious actually.

Cynthia Wigington
02/02/15 02:13:13PM @cynthia-wigington:

Thank you very much Patty. Funny, I don't seem to be able to do it again...

Cynthia Wigington
02/02/15 02:08:02PM @cynthia-wigington:
Thank you Ken, you're welcome. Greta keeps my spirits up, as do you all.
Lynn austin
02/02/15 10:52:13AM @lynn-austin:
Me too ....and I can't wait to hear you play this again with the kantele and Greta doing a little percussion!!!!!