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Summertown Bluegrass Reunion: 1st Dulcimer Lesson

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:03
This girl and her little brother had never seen a mountain dulcimer and wanted to play my McSpadden dulcimer. It was tuned to DAD and as I borrowed a friend's Jon Harris dulcimer that was tuned in DAA I played on the base string while the kids played on the melody string. One would strum while the other fretted, then they'd switch sides. I should have retuned both the instruments the same but I was lazy and thought the kids would quickly loose interest, but they stuck with it about a half an hour.
06/20/17 01:34:50AM @marg:

Nice, lasting memories - maybe future players


David Bennett
06/18/17 07:55:16AM @david-bennett:

Here's some non-dulcimer shade tree picking at Summertown

jeffrey charles foster
06/18/17 07:16:55AM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

very nice!! David.


David Bennett
06/18/17 06:26:04AM @david-bennett:

I can only fret with my ring or little finger. One interesting thing my wife noticed is that the kids weren't fretting with their index fingers (in the second half of the video) but trying to emulate me (it didn't occur to me to suggest they use their index fingers). So if in ten years you see people everywhere playing with just their ring finger you can blame me.