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Video of new dulcimore Dulcimer Dan made for me.

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:05:16
I am using a wooden noter to fret with and I am strumming with a pick I cut from a piece of hickory.

The tunes I play are: Down In The Valley; Long, Long Ago; My Own House Waltz; Oh, Shenandoah; and The Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Robin Thompson
02/20/19 10:35:16PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks for the photo & information, David!  Those picks look as though a light relaxed hold would be easily had.  

David Bennett
02/20/19 09:47:41PM @david-bennett:

Robin Thompson:What a beautiful dulcimer and nice collection of tunes!  The hickory pick yielded good sound-- I'm curious as to how you shaped it? 

Robin, I had bought a couple thin sheets of hickory ebay then used a dremel to cut the picks. Though I think an exacto or pocket knife would have worked better. Also I need to cut a couple out to 4 or 5 inches and see how that works too.


Robin Thompson
02/20/19 06:30:09PM @robin-thompson:

What a beautiful dulcimer and nice collection of tunes!  The hickory pick yielded good sound-- I'm curious as to how you shaped it? 

02/19/19 08:35:31AM @strumelia:

David what a wonderful video you made about this lovely instrument!  I so much enjoyed this little 'tour' of various traditional tunes played in different locations of your home. You play it well- a perfect match between player and dulcimer.

This dulcimer is delightful with a true old voice and it's so pretty as well, with its honey color wood. David, you SO much deserve such a fine instrument, made by your friend Dan Cox @dan .  :)

Steven Berger
02/18/19 09:10:25PM @steven-berger:

Great looking and sounding dulcimore, David! Thanks for sharing!

Ken Longfield
02/18/19 07:57:17PM @ken-longfield:

Thanks for sharing all of this David. Dan made you a very nice Dulcimore. You did a fine job of playing it.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

02/18/19 05:02:58PM @sam:

Love the medley, lets me hear the dulcimer's reach a little better. Sounds and looks great! I hadn't thought of making pics from wood. Your hickory sound good. White Oak and Black Locust are pretty tough, they'd probably work too. I'll have to try it. Thanks for sharing.