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Hat for my dulcimore pins/buttons

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Duration: 00:02:51
My "new" dulcimer pin/button hat. I bought this hat from an Amish lady who made/sold hats at her family farm outside of Ethridge, Tennessee. Previously I had been using a Panama Hat, but due to the shape of the crown it had some wasted real estate.
09/09/19 06:16:52AM @ariane:

Your hat is such a wonderful one of a kind - and I am very honored to be "represented" with even two pins on it. bighug

09/08/19 10:46:06PM @strumelia:

I love it David!  bowdown

Dusty Turtle
09/08/19 03:19:49PM @dusty-turtle:

That's a nice hat, David, but your collection of dulcimer pins is really impressive.

09/06/19 10:52:03PM @irene:

I liked looking all your pins...and one cool hat from the Amish.   almost a lost art making those hats.   aloha, irene

Steven Berger
09/06/19 04:15:59PM @steven-berger:

Great hat, David! Nice collection of pins!