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Home Sweet Home

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:38
Written in 1823. My earliest memories of this song is from Saturday morning cartoons. It seems like every cartoon from the 1930s through the 1960s played the tune in background in any scene that might have had a character like a hen with eggs or chicks, or any character returning home or visiting elderly parents.
The song was first sung in 1823 in the English opera Clari, or The Maid of Milan. It was said to be Queen Victoria’s favorite song and she gave the music composer Henry Bishop (1786—1855) a knighthood making him the first English composer to be given a knighthood. The words are by an American actor and dramatist, John Howard Payne (1791–1852).
The song was also the American Civil War’s favorite tune. Both sides played/sang it, often across picket lines together. The Federal Army eventually forbade their bands to play ‘Home, Sweet Home’ for fear it would make men homesick and desert or become too demoralized to fight. Actually, the song had just the opposite effect, reminding them of the basic and personal stake each soldier had in fighting for his side.
Don Grundy
07/17/20 10:24:37AM @don-grundy:

BRAVO!  A rousing good morning!

07/17/20 12:17:38AM @irene:

I loved this one very much.   I love your technique....yep, I need to practice with my quill like FAST like you do here. Not the first time I heard this song, but when we went to Tonga this song was used a compition song.    All the Churches memorized it. My little group wanted to learn it in English.   All the rest same the SAME SONG in Tongan.  They learn all their songs totally memorized.    thank you for the reminder of this lovely hymn.....aloha, irene

David Bennett
07/14/20 10:37:30AM @david-bennett:

Thank you Ariane!

07/14/20 03:45:32AM @ariane:

I like your playing with the quill and noter very much - thank you for sharing also the background of this tune. flower

David Bennett
07/13/20 06:31:23PM @david-bennett:

BTW, this dulcimore was made by Dan Cox