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Who stole the miner's hat.

Who stole the miner's hat.

style or instrument: Dulcimer,fiddle,cairdin.

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A Newfoundland tune played slowly[that's all I can manage on the dulcimer]..played on a John C.Knopf oversized Galax style dulcimer.[I asked for it,got it in spades,like a hive of humming bees]...love it,but the AAAA tuning is a new challenge.To play this piece I tuned the lowest A string to G,dinged it at the end of each part[the only place it occurs] then sometimes managed to damp it while playing the other strings,not always and I don't mind...love the ring of it.Starting to feel like Ravi Shankar...sitar virtuoso from the last century...
Robin Thompson
02/27/22 04:59:54PM @robin-thompson:

This is wonderful-- love it!  Sounds like a nice dance tune.  

Dusty Turtle
02/27/22 03:29:54PM @dusty-turtle:

Love it!