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Country: Canada

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Girl that slighted me.

Girl that slighted me.

style or instrument: dulcimer,vocal.

musician/member name: old ballad probably from Ireland originally.

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I used John Knopft's "Big Jim',a huge Galax style dulcimer to accompany this song I learned from Gerald Campbell[Branch,Newfoundland].I used thumb and fingers,I'm still figuring out how to play Northern tunes and songs on dulcimer..some of it just plain doesn't work,too many notes,key changes[Canadian dance music]..nice challenge.Also,I'm aware that the song has the same air as "Star of the County Down"...there are a lot of tunes,songs like that in NL.
05/12/22 06:46:54PM @davisjames:

Thanks,Strumelia.I went to the university of Jean Ritchie,dulcimer 101 recently [internet-I think I may have had one of her recordings in the 70's but didn't pay it much mind]].She gives such a solid direction in her playing of how to enhance but not take away attention from the story of traditional songs.... 

04/14/22 07:03:16PM @strumelia:

I love what you did with this. Beautiful pairing between your playing and singing!

Robin Thompson
04/14/22 05:14:37PM @robin-thompson:

John's Galax-style dulcimer and your play of it sound so good as accompaniment to your singing of this old ballad, Jamie!