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Country: Canada

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Song for a muggy day.

Song for a muggy day.

style or instrument: dulcimer,vocal.

musician/member name: Jamie Snider.

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A Newfoundland/Labrador version of "The Cuckoo"...I found that by capoing the dulcimer at the 4th. fret and tuning down the low string a full step I could get some weird stuff,most notably the 1/2 fret note you'd find on chromatic dulcimers...
08/01/22 04:47:07PM @davisjames:

Perhaps I should articulate.Capo 4th fret,after being tuned DAD[without the capo]...then tune the lowest sounding D string to G[yes it's confusing]...press the low string on the first fret to make an A note...now you can do all kinds of weird stuff on that low string in A minor or A major[have to cross over to the highest sounding string for that]...

Cynthia Wigington
07/30/22 07:24:13AM @cynthia-wigington:

Subtle and beautiful playing. Also thanks for adding the technical notes of the tuning and capo on the 4th fret. Jan Potts will find this interesting and I'm guessing Rob Lackey as well. 

Robin Thompson
07/29/22 07:57:37PM @robin-thompson:

Wow, I like that weird note in this, Jamie!  Nice tune and vocal!