Location: St.Catharines
Country: Canada

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Cart before the horse.

Cart before the horse.

style or instrument: scheitholt,hummel

musician/member name: Jamie Snider.

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2 of the scheitholts are overdubbed.For some reason I played this variation of a jig I learned from Brendan Breathnach's book of Irish music before the actual tune.Tuning D A DD.Got the sound by fretting the A DD with one finger -parallel 4th.'s,i.e. over the D chord fret the 2nd. or 4th. fret..change it up for the G and A chord.
05/23/23 03:06:42PM @davisjames:

Thanks,Robin.3 scheitholts,24 strings,12 of them drones.At some point I'm going to try tuning each set of 4 drones to a different chord.It could like painting.

Robin Thompson
05/22/23 09:50:56AM @robin-thompson:

Such a lush sound from the zitters!