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Raisins and Almonds (Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen)

musician/member name: Dusty T
Duration: 00:02:49
A traditional Yiddish lullaby played on an octave dulcimer made of walnut and western red cedar by Ron Ewing and tuned DAd.
Janene Millen
08/06/18 06:10:34PM @janene-millen:

I too LOVE this-- and am starting to collect lullabies as well.  I LOVE your singing on this....I was surprised when you started singing late in the tune but it's just so right! 

I'm inspired to play my dulcinette more :-) fingers get ouchy...but you have guitar player's toughness me thinks.

06/29/18 07:50:12PM @irene:

YO....I'd love to be informed when your book comes out.....I love lullaby's....aloha, irene

Dusty Turtle
06/26/18 01:56:53PM @dusty-turtle:

IRENE:Dusty, where can I find the tune and words to this lullaby?  Would it have been found in the "All things Dulcimer" music section?  aloha, irene 

@irene, hopefully in a few months my response to this question will be to "buy my book" since I'm currently putting together a book of lullabies from around the world for the beginning mountain dulcimer.  But for the moment, please see the attached documents.

06/26/18 01:25:05PM @irene:

Dusty, where can I find the tune and words to this lullaby?  Would it have been found in the "All things Dulcimer" music section?  aloha, irene

Dusty Turtle
06/26/18 11:56:58AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, @irene. I find the tune haunting as well.  I've been collecting lullabies recently and this one really grabbed me.

@steven-berger, I'm glad the tune resembled at least a bit the Yiddish version you grew up with.  I wish I could sing it in Yiddish myself.

Steven Berger
06/26/18 02:04:05AM @steven-berger:

My grandmother used to sing this song in Yiddish. You brought me back some nice memories Dusty, thanks. 

06/25/18 11:36:27PM @irene:

this was just beautiful.   I sooooo love Jewish music and this tune was  haunting.  thank you for singing as well.  I sang soooooooo many lullabys to my babies...This sounds not far off from a soprano Ukulele....but not.  aloha, irene

Dusty Turtle
06/25/18 09:32:12PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks so much. @christine-shoemaker!

Christine Shoemaker
06/25/18 10:35:44AM @christine-shoemaker:

Wow - sooo beautiful!  Outstanding, Dusty!!!  clap   Thank you for sharing this.  

Dusty Turtle
06/11/18 10:33:40AM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks, @sam and @gail-webber.  You guys are too kind.

Gail Webber
06/11/18 09:17:25AM @gail-webber:

You make that little dulcimer sound so lovely!

06/11/18 05:03:32AM @sam:

Sweet! I'd never seen an octave dulcimer either. What a wonderful sound it has (due largely to the style with which you play it). Beautiful instrument, beautifully played. 

Dusty Turtle
06/10/18 01:41:13PM @dusty-turtle:

Well thanks for listening, @jenniferc and @robin-thompson.

Robin Thompson
06/10/18 10:47:07AM @robin-thompson:

Wow, Dusty, your flat-picking on that little Ewing is so sweet!  And your voice paired so nicely with the instrument.  

06/10/18 08:54:08AM @jenniferc:

How lovely!  

Dusty Turtle
06/09/18 09:48:22PM @dusty-turtle:

Thanks for listening, @bob. Not every song or playing style works on an octave dulcimer, but when you find a nice pairing it can be pretty special.

06/09/18 08:27:35PM @bob:

I had seen but never heard an Octave Dulcimer until watching your video. What a lovely little instrument! Your song and musical skills are just so beautiful, Dusty! Thanks for this video nod

06/09/18 05:22:16PM @strumelia:

Dusty, that's exactly the kind of technique a lot of folks use on little epinettes.  Where a long sustain dulcimer could have just a broad strummm after a melody note (and it can sustain that for the duration), a small epinette sounds good when you follow a melody note with a strummm/middle/bass sequence -or another 'sequence' depending on your tuning. You naturally figured that out on your own.  grin

Dusty Turtle
06/09/18 04:23:58PM @dusty-turtle:

@strumelia, I can't thank you enough for your comments.  Since these small octave dulcimers have so little sustain, it can be a challenge to to play slower tunes without a lot of dead air.  In this case I decided just to use  arpeggios to fill in the gaps in between melody notes and add an underlying rhythm.

06/09/18 01:52:55PM @strumelia:

Dusty, this just blows me away. The beautiful and soothing delicacy of both your playing and singing together here sparkles like a jewel. Bravo, friend!