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The Ash Grove

The Ash Grove

style or instrument: Dusty's Greatest Hits vol. II

musician/member name: Dusty Turtle

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Dusty Turtle
08/02/15 01:32:15PM @dusty:

Thanks, Monica.  You will love your Blue Lion, I am sure. Remember that it has a floating bridge, so you may have to adjust it to get the intonation right.

08/02/15 12:42:31PM @monica:

Beautiful playing Dusty, looking forward to my blue lion lW in approximately 3 DAYS!!!

Dusty Turtle
08/02/15 01:27:06AM @dusty:

Hi Marg.  On my Blue Lion I have .24 gauge wound phosphore bronze on the bass, .14 on the middle and  .12 on the melody.

08/02/15 01:20:45AM @marg:

The tone is so beautiful, what size strings o you have one your Blue Lion

Dusty Turtle
07/22/15 12:18:06AM @dusty:

Thanks, marg. I like the tone of that dulcimer, too.

07/21/15 11:43:04PM @marg:

Beautiful tone, beautifully played


Dusty Turtle
06/28/15 12:30:46AM @dusty:

No questions here, Noah. "The Ash Grove" is a traditional Welsh melody that has been put to words many times.  Check out the Wikipedia entry on the tune .

Noah Aikens
06/27/15 11:51:58PM @noah-aikens:

Sothere are no questions I'm going to put this in my playlist of church songs because it is the same tune as Let All Things Now Living.           

Dusty Turtle
06/26/15 01:55:46AM @dusty:

Thanks, Lexie and Paul.  I appreciate your taking the time to listen and comment.

Lexie R Oakley
06/24/15 11:40:30AM @lexie-r-oakley:

It is very beautiful Dusy, happy you did it again.clapper

Dusty Turtle
06/24/15 10:55:13AM @dusty:

Thanks, Patty.  All modesty aside, I like this arrangement, too. It is simple enough to keep the melody in the forefront with just enough embellishment to be interesting.

Patty from Virginia
06/24/15 09:00:24AM @patty-from-virginia:

Dusty, that is beautiful!! I'm glad you got it back too. I'm adding this to one of my playlists.

Charles Thomas
06/23/15 09:07:02PM @charles-thomas:

Glad you brought it back!

Dusty Turtle
06/23/15 01:47:22PM @dusty:

I had this tune up earlier but accidentally deleted it when playing around on our new site here.  Woops!


I am playing a Blue Lion IC.  The arrangement is basically what I remember from a guitar version by Norman Blake that I used to listen to obsessively a couple of decades ago.