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Raisins and Almonds (Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen)

musician/member name: Dusty T
Duration: 00:02:49
A traditional Yiddish lullaby played on an octave dulcimer made of walnut and western red cedar by Ron Ewing and tuned DAd.
Dusty Turtle
07/07/24 04:01:57PM @dusty:

Hi @Robmachin, I did indeed put two versions of this tune in my first book, Lullabies from Around the World .  However, it's a beginner book, so you may not be interested.  My second book, Songs of Old Albion & Erin , covers tunes from the early modern British Isles (England, Scotland, Ireland, & Wales, all dating from 1500 to 1800), and that book contains intermediate-level arrangements. 

If you are only interested in this tune, scroll earlier in the conversation and you'll see that I posted basic tab to the tune.  What I'm doing in the video is basically the same thing with the left hand, but the right hand plays arpeggios over those chord positions whenever there is space in the melody.

07/07/24 06:38:09AM @robmachin:

Hi Dusty - did the book come out in the end? If so... where can I source a copy? 

Janene Millen
08/06/18 06:10:34PM @janene-millen:

I too LOVE this-- and am starting to collect lullabies as well.  I LOVE your singing on this....I was surprised when you started singing late in the tune but it's just so right! 

I'm inspired to play my dulcinette more :-) fingers get ouchy...but you have guitar player's toughness me thinks.

06/29/18 07:50:12PM @irene:

YO....I'd love to be informed when your book comes out.....I love lullaby's....aloha, irene

Dusty Turtle
06/26/18 01:56:53PM @dusty:

IRENE:Dusty, where can I find the tune and words to this lullaby?  Would it have been found in the "All things Dulcimer" music section?  aloha, irene 

@irene, hopefully in a few months my response to this question will be to "buy my book" since I'm currently putting together a book of lullabies from around the world for the beginning mountain dulcimer.  But for the moment, please see the attached documents.

06/26/18 01:25:05PM @irene:

Dusty, where can I find the tune and words to this lullaby?  Would it have been found in the "All things Dulcimer" music section?  aloha, irene

Dusty Turtle
06/26/18 11:56:58AM @dusty:

Thanks, @irene. I find the tune haunting as well.  I've been collecting lullabies recently and this one really grabbed me.

@steven-berger, I'm glad the tune resembled at least a bit the Yiddish version you grew up with.  I wish I could sing it in Yiddish myself.

Steven Berger
06/26/18 02:04:05AM @steven-berger:

My grandmother used to sing this song in Yiddish. You brought me back some nice memories Dusty, thanks. 

06/25/18 11:36:27PM @irene:

this was just beautiful.   I sooooo love Jewish music and this tune was  haunting.  thank you for singing as well.  I sang soooooooo many lullabys to my babies...This sounds not far off from a soprano Ukulele....but not.  aloha, irene

Dusty Turtle
06/25/18 09:32:12PM @dusty:

Thanks so much. @christine-shoemaker!

Christine Shoemaker
06/25/18 10:35:44AM @christine-shoemaker:

Wow - sooo beautiful!  Outstanding, Dusty!!!  clap   Thank you for sharing this.  

Dusty Turtle
06/11/18 10:33:40AM @dusty:

Thanks, @sam and @gail-webber.  You guys are too kind.

Gail Webber
06/11/18 09:17:25AM @gail-webber:

You make that little dulcimer sound so lovely!

06/11/18 05:03:32AM @sam:

Sweet! I'd never seen an octave dulcimer either. What a wonderful sound it has (due largely to the style with which you play it). Beautiful instrument, beautifully played. 

Dusty Turtle
06/10/18 01:41:13PM @dusty:

Well thanks for listening, @jenniferc and @robin-thompson.

Robin Thompson
06/10/18 10:47:07AM @robin-thompson:

Wow, Dusty, your flat-picking on that little Ewing is so sweet!  And your voice paired so nicely with the instrument.  

06/10/18 08:54:08AM @jenniferc:

How lovely!  

Dusty Turtle
06/09/18 09:48:22PM @dusty:

Thanks for listening, @bob. Not every song or playing style works on an octave dulcimer, but when you find a nice pairing it can be pretty special.

06/09/18 08:27:35PM @bob:

I had seen but never heard an Octave Dulcimer until watching your video. What a lovely little instrument! Your song and musical skills are just so beautiful, Dusty! Thanks for this video nod

06/09/18 05:22:16PM @strumelia:

Dusty, that's exactly the kind of technique a lot of folks use on little epinettes.  Where a long sustain dulcimer could have just a broad strummm after a melody note (and it can sustain that for the duration), a small epinette sounds good when you follow a melody note with a strummm/middle/bass sequence -or another 'sequence' depending on your tuning. You naturally figured that out on your own.  grin