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Cerise, Cerise - featuring Ariane Klauer

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:05:26
I wrote this tune one night after watching my daughter in her crib while wondering if it was the right thing to do bringing a child into a world with so much ugliness. The song is written in a minor as a result but incorporates happy phrases as well to demonstrate there is also beauty in this world.
Charles Thomas
10/18/18 06:43:15PM @charles-thomas:

Dean, That was so beautiful! Yes, there is ugliness in this world, but there is so much beauty too. Your tune shows this, your playing is so emotional and your cinematography is wonderful! Thanks for posting this, it is truly inspirational.

10/16/18 01:54:37PM @ariane:

I also would like to say thank you for all your very kind and delighting comments - they mean a lot to me. sun

10/16/18 12:33:22PM @elvensong:

Thanks so much for the encouragement @robin-clark, @dulcinina, @bob, @cindy-stammich, @dan, @salt-springs

Sharing music is a very personal thing and it makes me smile to see such enthusiastic responses.


Robin Clark
10/16/18 08:07:16AM @robin-clark:

Wonderful smile  Such a beautiful collaboration across the 'pond'.  Superb creativity and musicianship - just inspirational!

10/16/18 07:53:23AM @dulcinina:

That was just beautiful. Dulcinina

10/15/18 11:34:26PM @bob:


Cindy Stammich
10/15/18 10:14:26PM @cindy-stammich:




This was absolutely beautiful!  Your daughter, the music, the meaning, the entire video was a wonderful work of art! 

Kudos to both you and Ariane!!!  thumbsup

10/14/18 07:38:53PM @dan:

Dude and dudette, spot on!!!



Salt Springs
10/13/18 06:14:26AM @salt-springs:

That is just amazing!!!  What a great start to my morning to hear this piece.  Bravo to the both of you...............

10/13/18 12:46:45AM @elvensong:

I decided I wanted to do a video for this tune and Ariane graciously "recreated the creation" with video of her parts. 

It’s pretty amazing that technology allows two musicians who have never met to collaborate on a tune halfway around the world. Ariane Klauer lives in central Germany while I live on the northwest coast of the US.

This is a tune I wrote for oldest daughter and Ariane contributed glockenspiel, kalimba and tin whistle. We didn’t think to video it at the time so we “recreated the creation”.