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One of the most popular Gospel Songs, written in 1937 by W.B Stevens and R.Baxter played here on my Hummel built by Terry L. Watson in 1973.
09/12/20 11:26:04PM @marg:


I was wondering what your instrument is tuned to and how do you know what tuning is best for the drones? This particular Hummel as beautiful as it is has a few issues, one of which is that some of the tuning pins are  prone to slipping. I have an idea to take out the offending pins, rub rosin on the threading and put them back in deeper should take care of the problem. Then I might try different tunings but there is no way to capo it. So fretted strings DAD drone strings DADD is working for me.

Gregg Schneeman
08/29/20 09:52:40AM @gregg-schneeman:

 Don't Forget - it's "World Wide Play Music On Your Porch Day!" Thank You - for listening Strumelia, Ken and Irene, and FOTMD Folks in general, I do intend to make more videos playing this Hummel. Please visit and subscribe to my mostly Bowed Psaltery YouTube Channel.

Ken Longfield
08/29/20 06:40:12AM @ken-longfield:

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

08/28/20 11:27:26PM @irene:

I like you playing this one too.   very cute little guy for the peg head.  aloha, irene

08/28/20 09:59:50PM @strumelia:

Really nice, Gregg!