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"LA BASURA" on Hummel

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:51
My Hummel version of this fun tune - "Basura" means "Trash Can" in English. I learned at Lark Camp many years ago from "The Brunos", hear BrunoKev play it much better on the Button Box at..
01/24/22 05:02:55PM @davisjames:

Well,Gregg.I just recruited an American luthier to make me a scheitholt...I just love that sound.I was in South Western Germany 6 years ago and couldn't find anyone who knew what it was-same thing in France[Epinette des Vosges].Perhaps my language skills were lacking or I was hanging out with the wrong crowd,laugh.Anyhow,I finally bit the bullet after hearing your posts.I can hardly wait.It'll take a couple of months...thanks...

01/22/22 08:09:38PM @marg:

I think we are very lucky to be able to play while we are 'Hunkering Down' - I enjoy your videos

01/22/22 07:17:07PM @davisjames:

Nice playing and I love that sound.

Gregg Schneeman
01/15/22 08:41:00AM @gregg-schneeman:

 Happier New Year Dulcimer Friends! Please drop by my YouTube channel - I have kept myself busy during the "Great Hunkering Down" that we've all been through making a lot of Bowed Psaltery and a few Dulcimer/Hummel videos.