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Star Of The County Down

Artist: willowgreen
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:01:46

Traditional tune from Ireland played on a mountain (lap) dulcimer tuned DAd, no capo.

Jan Potts
02/12/17 05:38:35AM @jan-potts:

Thank you, Bob and Jennifer!  I wasn't familiar with The Parting Glass, so I checked out quite a few samples on YouTube and now I have another song I want to learn to play!  As far as I know, the only connection with Star of the County Down is that they're the same genre.  And both are very pretty songs!  Apparently The Parting Glass has gained some new fans because it was used in "The Walking Dead"???  I'm not going to check that out--I'll just take the fans' word on that!

02/10/17 11:04:13AM @jenniferc:

So lovely!   I love the rich sound of fingerpicking  style, and you do it so well.  I actually just heard this tune in YouTube for the first time yesterday,  and fell in love with it.  (Your version is much nicer,  I think.)  It reminds me so much of the tune,  the parting glass.  There's got to be a connection.  Do you know? 

02/09/17 09:24:48PM @bob:

This is truely a lovely melody and you play it so well. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Jan Potts
02/09/17 06:12:22PM @jan-potts:

No, I'm not being accompanied, Patricia.  I guess this is why I like fingerpicking...the sound can be very full and can sound like more than one person playing.  But, no, that's just me playing all those notes!

patricia breen
02/09/17 11:56:13AM @patricia-breen:

are you being accompanied on this piece jan?

Jan Potts
11/26/16 02:46:19AM @jan-potts:

Thank you for your comments, Cynthia and Annie. That was very nourishing feedback for my soul!

Cynthia Wigington
11/20/16 07:45:43AM @cynthia-wigington:

Music for the soul. Some wanderer said once that in order to know what is really important you have to walk 500 miles into the desert. That's what your playing feels like to me Jan. Wish I could remember his name Annie. I think he used to go out into the mountains with some dried bread and loose tea and stay for weeks.

Annie Deeley
11/19/16 10:05:35PM @annie-deeley:

Yes, spacious. Well said, Cynthia.

Cynthia Wigington
11/19/16 08:57:13AM @cynthia-wigington:

These days your music moves me more than any other Jan - somehow deepiy felt and without anything unnecessary added. Very spacious.

Jan Potts
11/19/16 12:20:01AM @jan-potts:

Yes, I'm mixing chords in with single notes.  And, no, I'm not using a plectron/pick--just my fingers--but I'm often plucking the strings, kind of like a lute, I think.   (I'm not sure about this, since I don't play the lute!).

patricia breen
11/16/16 06:46:19AM @patricia-breen:

hi jan

yes enjoying trying to play along with you.im only playing on the d meloddy string .you seem to be playing chords which sound lovely.do you use a plectron?

Jan Potts
11/10/16 07:49:15AM @jan-potts:

Thanks you, Patricia!   When I recorded this 8 months ago I wasn't thinking about anyone trying to play along...let me know if you get stuck and need me to explain what I'm doing and I'll try to figure it out. I mostly play "by ear", so this is how I hear the song in my mind--and that can be a very bizarre place, indeed!  Glad you like it, though! It's been one of my favorite tunes played on the dulcimer since I first heard it, years ago!

patricia breen
11/07/16 05:18:46PM @patricia-breen:

hi jan

im new to dulcimer and being irish i love this tune .i will try to play along with you as you play 

many thanks 

Jan Potts
10/04/16 11:53:01PM @jan-potts:

Thank you very much, Salt, Brian, John, and Patty!  That was one of the first "dulcimer tunes" I heard and I wanted to learn it for years.  Glad you liked it!

Patty from Virginia
03/25/16 09:28:21PM @patty-from-virginia:

Just wonderful!!! By the way, you have a pretty voice. I would love to hear you sing some more tunes.

John Gribble
03/24/16 11:31:26AM @john-gribble:

Very nicely done. One of my favorites, too.

Brian G.
03/24/16 08:03:13AM @brian-g:

Beautiful Jan.  One of my very favorite traditional tunes.  :)

Salt Springs
03/24/16 05:01:23AM @salt-springs:

Bravo..................this is top shelf in every respect..............

Jan Potts
03/24/16 04:41:13AM @jan-potts:

Thank you Dusty, Lexie, Gail, and Robin.  This is me playing by ear, so I guess it's my own arrangement.  The dulcimer I am playing in my Gary Gallier "A-Frame". 

Lexie, if you lived close by, I'd come visit and, if you'd like, I'd play like that for 2 or 3 hours, just whatever comes to mind.  Of course, I might repeat a few....that's what gettin' old does to ya!

Robin Clark
03/23/16 09:02:42PM @robin-clark:

Lovely smile  The chords are beautiful.