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John Stinson #2 in A, Upping Tempo

Artist: Jan Potts
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:02:23

Played four times through with increasing tempo--we sometimes do this as a game where players drop out one by one as the tempo increases and 2 are left to battle it out. I'm playing this fiddle tune on a soprano "Little Mule" mountain dulcimer made by Jim Fox, tuned AEa. My biohazard pick is a used Freestyle glucometer test strip--it has just the flexibility I want for these ridiculous tempos!

Jan Potts
10/05/16 12:03:49AM @jan-potts:

Thanks, Eric!  I think you described this well!

Erin Hussey
09/22/16 12:35:48PM @erin-hussey:

Very fun and sounds like a great coordination exercise. thanks.

Jan Potts
09/06/16 04:53:12AM @jan-potts:

Thanks, Brian and Annie!  Let me stress, again, that this is not a performance goal; it's a game.  When you're playing it a lot slower, you get a chance to hear all the different things people do during the B part...and it all seems to work together. 

Annie, if I had made a video, it would be pretty much a blur.  But I could do a slow version so you can see the fingering...I don't think it's possible to really tell exactly what I'm doing when I strum.  I pretty much just tell my right hand to do its thing and I concentrate on the left hand.  And, yes, I know that isn't "proper", but it seems to work for me. 

It's the exact opposite of piano, where I concentrate on my right hand and let my left hand just play whatever sounds good.  Then, of course, there are those instruments like the penny whistle, steel drum, etc., where I have to actually concentrate on both hands!

Annie Deeley
09/05/16 04:35:12PM @annie-deeley:

I just wish that was on video!!

Brian G.
09/01/16 03:45:56PM @brian-g:

Very nice!  :)

Jan Potts
09/01/16 03:42:48PM @jan-potts:

Thanks, Patty and Lexie and Dusty! That Little Mule sure knows how to have fun!  One time when a bunch of us were jammin' at Dana McCall's "Rust in Peace Farm", we had some teenage boys come check us out and they had a hard time believing what they were seeing and hearing when we got going on John Stinson #2, which we were doing as a challenge. They left and came back with a bunch more guys to show them "for real" what a bunch of old people could do!  Seeing those young folks so flabbergasted really made my day--and the memory of it still makes me grin! sun

ps  I am now officially an old person--went on Medicare today! 

Dusty Turtle
09/01/16 11:22:26AM @dusty-turtle:

Cool!  I bet smoke was coming off your pick by the end there, Jan! That tune works well on the little Mule, that's for sure!

Lexie R Oakley
09/01/16 11:17:10AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Jan your little mule is kickin' FUN!

Lexie R Oakley
09/01/16 11:15:30AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Wonderful Jan, you go girl!

Patty from Virginia
08/31/16 06:21:26PM @patty-from-virginia: