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This Is My Father's World

Artist: Jan Potts
Genre: Folk & Singer-Songwriter
Duration: 00:03:26

A favorite hymn fingerpicked on a soprano dulcimer made by Jim Fox.

Jennifer Ranger
02/21/17 12:38:39AM @jennifer-ranger:

One of my favorite songs, and you played it so well!  Thank you Jan!

12/08/16 12:04:19AM @irene:

I agree, this is just beautiful, with this song in my head, I'm closing off and going to bed....as it's a cold world out there today....going to 16 degrees tonight.  thank you for playing one of my fav. hymns as well.  aloha, irene

12/07/16 11:39:42PM @tlkelly:

Very moving...beautiful

Jan Potts
11/19/16 12:10:39AM @jan-potts:

Thank you, Benjamin!  I performed this today at the student concert at the Fall Festival at Unicoi State Park, put on by the Northern Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association! On stage.  In public.  Didn't die.  YAY!!!

Benjamin W Barr Jr
10/30/16 01:56:10PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Lovely as always.

Jan Potts
10/30/16 01:24:45PM @jan-potts:

Thank you, Erin, Patty, Marg, and Irene!  I have thought about recording the same song using a baritone dulcimer, just for a comparison.

I hope your husband is a good whistler, Irene!  Good whistling is an under-appreciated talent!

10/25/16 12:07:21AM @irene:

this is soooooooooooo sweet.  I'd love to see you playing this little baby.  I agree it does sound like a music box...and now my husband is whistling along with this tune.  thank you for posting. 

10/24/16 11:25:50PM @marg:


Patty from Virginia
10/24/16 08:44:20PM @patty-from-virginia:

Beautiful!!! And for those inquiring minds,http://www.hymnary.org/text/this_is_my_fathers_world_and_to_my

Erin Hussey
10/24/16 08:38:46AM @erin-hussey:

This is a really lovely recording. I agree, the interlude you used works well and sets up for your sweet variations. I am also noticing a sustain to the fingerpicked notes that I do not always achieve and will be working on. Just curious - do you have any trivia knowledge about the hymn name (sometimes ... House ... World)?

Jan Potts
10/24/16 01:13:53AM @jan-potts:

Glenda, Thanks for your comments.  I mostly play by ear and just play it how it sounds good to me...and I change it up all the time.  Even in just one song (like this one) each verse is a little different from the others.  I don't have it tabbed out--for me, just making the audio recording was a big deal! music

Glenda  Hubbard
10/22/16 04:35:37PM @glenda-hubbard:

Beautiful the extra measures really adds to the hymn .  is this your arrangement and do make available or where can I find it? the soprano dulcimer sounds like a music box. excellent job

Jan Potts
10/22/16 03:20:10PM @jan-potts:

I'm glad you like it, Lexie.  I recorded several versions, but this is the one I posted because I liked the additional measures added in before and after and between the verses.            

Keep playing your music...I know it really helps with healing from grief!

Hugs to you!


Lexie R Oakley
10/22/16 11:42:24AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Lovely Jan, love how you played one of my favorites.inlove

This brought a tear, I have been playing this in memory of my friend, aww, a happy tear!

Thank you my friend!