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Drowned Lovers or Constant Lovers

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:50
played on a Koa McSpadden mountain dulcimer in C#-G#-C# tuning. What I found out about this song --A favorite with Broadside printers in England, Ireland and Scotland. ..thought to be a song from Sussex, ..the events that happened in this song may have occurred at Fairlight Cove near Hastings on the Sussex coast, where there is a “Lover's Leap”. --
Janene Millen
03/08/18 07:51:35AM @janene-millen:

Matt, thank you...so pleased that you enjoyed this song...

Janene Millen
02/28/18 02:16:43PM @janene-millen:

Rob...I stumbled upon your version and couldn't find a date on it...so had no idea when it went up.  Glad you posted it.  I like hearing the different--yet related--versions.nod

Rob N Lackey
02/27/18 07:42:50PM @rob-n-lackey:

Janene, it was you that inspired me to post my version.  I had learned it and was going to perform it at the Gardner Winter Music Fest but only had 20 minutes so it was the one that went.  After hearing your lovely rendition I thought I'd post mine since it's a different tune (and a little different words)

02/27/18 04:38:39PM @macaodha:

Just came across this very fine rendition Jan, beautiful playing and singing.

Janene Millen
02/26/18 01:35:38PM @janene-millen:

Thank you Terry.

Terry Wilson
02/25/18 08:40:32PM @terry-wilson:

Janene, your song is sure pretty.  As Mike stated, "as always".

Janene Millen
02/23/18 09:48:09AM @janene-millen:

Thanks Mike!

Mike Thurman
02/22/18 04:26:52PM @mike-thurman:

Beautiful as always.