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The Rose of Allendale

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:54
English song from the early 1800s, refers to a town in the Northumberland region. Played on a Bill Taylor dulcimer in a D-A-D tuning
Ken Longfield
09/13/18 11:57:24AM @ken-longfield:

Very nice, Janene. You do a wonderful job with songs you choose to share. I enjoy them very much.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song.'

Gordon Hardy
09/11/18 02:52:56PM @gordon-hardy:

This lovely song has long been a favourite of mine and your rendition is truly beautiful. Thank you.

Janene Millen
09/11/18 11:46:19AM @janene-millen:

Thank you..Ariane (such a pretty name)...and again, Dean :-)  and Dusty...my goal is to appear as a fabric-colored cube with hands ...I'm succeeding, I think

Dusty Turtle
09/11/18 11:22:34AM @dusty-turtle:

Oh my, you've lost your legs!

What a wonderful tune.  Just beautiful.

09/11/18 03:30:12AM @elvensong:

I already liked it and I like it just as much here! You really are a cool song magnet!

09/11/18 02:23:55AM @ariane:

I enjoyed your playing and singing very much, Janene!