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When I Was a Young Girl or Bad Girl's Lament

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:03
with lyrics on mountain dulcimer
see links to lyric and chord sheet, teaching demos at SINGING DULCIMER BLOG (sing a dulcimer song) Janene Millen
Janene Millen
02/11/19 11:35:25AM @janene-millen:

Dusty Turtle:

....You have a left-hand technique that is equally rhythmic when you fingerpick and flatpick.....

thank you Dusty...valued comments from such a versatile player as yourself!

@mike-Thurman if you think you'd like to give it a go...I made some strum demo videos for this song on my blog (referenced on my FOTMD member page). Appreciate your comment...  I hadn't messed with this in a LONG time...


Mike Thurman
02/11/19 11:22:16AM @mike-thurman:

My favorite song by you.  Absolutely beautiful.

Dusty Turtle
02/10/19 03:36:06PM @dusty-turtle:

Great job, Janene. You have a left-hand technique that is equally rhythmic when you fingerpick and flatpick.  Very compelling.

Robin Thompson
02/10/19 03:32:17PM @robin-thompson:

Already, you know I like your play & singing of this.  ;)

02/10/19 02:01:41PM @elvensong:

Beautiful, Janene. You inspire me to play AND sing. I've got the playing part down... bighug

Steven Berger
02/09/19 12:58:44PM @steven-berger:

A well-played and sung version of a song about a very unhappy subject! Thanks, Janene!

Janene Millen
02/09/19 11:29:33AM @janene-millen:

I had posted this at the former FOTMD site, but was lost it in the transfer...my fault.

A little confusing...It is SOMETIMES known as "One Morning in May" because of a reference in one of the verses, but I notice, I have since eliminated that verse...so I may have added confusion as there is also a well known folk song by the same title.  It is also known is "Bad Girls' Lament".  I've added the lyrics which refer to her "salvating" due to treatment for syphilis, using Mercury...which caused the salivating, along with other unfortunate side effects.  As in "Cowboy's Lament" also known as "Streets of Laredo"...she's wrapped in white linen.  Not a good sign.