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Bold Riley

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traditional sea faring song with vocals, on mountain dulcimer as played and sung by Janene Millen. Simerman dulcimer tuned down to B-F#-B
Steven Berger
10/25/19 08:59:24PM @steven-berger:

I really like your version of this song, Janene! 

Janene Millen
10/25/19 10:42:13AM @janene-millen:

10/25/19 10:41:07AM @janene-millen :


First heard this song in a workshop given by Aubrey Atwater. Highly recommend anyone listening to her version.  I do it fingerpicked and slower...and worked out my own accompaniment to accommodate my voice. Please notice the lyrics of the 2nd verse: "Come White-stocking Day you'll be drinkin' rum" .  A little research and I found out, rights for spouses, girlfriends etc. of sailors away at sea, were vigorously advocated (particularly in Liverpool, England).  Eventually a sailor's registered "significant other" could get an allotment of 50% of their pay, while away at sea.  These "pay" days became known as "white stocking days" as the women would dress up in their Sunday best (which included white stockings) to come to town and retrieve the pay...which many times, was spent in local taverns for rum (according to the song)whistle