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Rosewood Casket

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:34
Traditional song played and sung by Janene Millen on a Kurt Simerman mountain dulcimer with a B F#B tuning.
11/27/19 07:23:05AM @ariane:

Oh so beautiful and soothing, Janene!

Janene Millen
11/19/19 11:21:03PM @janene-millen:

Been down with the flu...just saw these comments.

I so appreciate such encouraging feedback. Singing with the dulcimer is so soothing to me..so glad I gave it a go..even though a bit later in life. Although I don't sing to perform, it's been so comforting. Glad if it has a similar affect on others.

Christine Shoemaker
11/14/19 02:48:19PM @christine-shoemaker:

Janene, I sure hope you truly know how incredibly soothing your singing and playing is.  I, like sooo many others, greatly appreciate you sharing your wonderful skills! clap    dulcimerheartbeat

Dusty Turtle
11/04/19 11:03:47AM @dusty-turtle:

Oh if only you could sing me to sleep!  Another great song, Janene.  Your fingerpicking supports your voice so well.

I think the first version of this tune I ever heard was by Maybelle Carter on the autoharp.

Steven Berger
11/03/19 08:52:19PM @steven-berger:


Rob N Lackey
11/03/19 06:59:34PM @rob-n-lackey:

Beautiful.... 'twas the song that got me my 1st dulcimer


Janene Millen
11/03/19 03:59:31PM @janene-millen:

sorry for the SUPER close up, I usually don't record on my phone. I first thought the "rosewood casket" referred to a burial casket (which IS referenced in the song) but it refers to a little wooden box filled with letters and trinkets (on a marble stand)...guess it could refer to both. I first heard it on the TRIO CD (one of the best CDs EVER! IMO) but have since heard many other versions. It sounds light and yet it is kind of sad.