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Jesus Loves Me

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Duration: 00:02:27
Arranged and performed by Karen Keane on mountain dulcimer.
Karen Keane
06/23/13 05:34:54PM @karen-keane:
Thanks so much Joann. It is one of my favorite things to play.
Karen Keane
11/22/12 08:27:09PM @karen-keane:

Thanks for listening Frank and I'm glad that you enjoyed!

John Keane
10/29/12 06:04:36AM @john-keane:

If I'm the computer geek in the family...well...we're in BIG trouble lol. Grin.gif

Jill Geary
10/29/12 12:27:58AM @jill-geary:

Thanks, Karen. Interesting that you're tuned to CGC for "easier on the fingers." I've had way too many instrument-playing-related injuries, and I never thought of tuning down (but I have tried lighter string gauges on my mandolin, my guitar, and even the ukulele!). Hmmmm.

If you have this version on a CD I'd be more than happy to purchase it. If I could figure out how to put your video on my ipod or ipad that would really be great!

Karen Keane
10/28/12 11:44:02AM @karen-keane:

Hey Jill, Thanks for listening and I'm glad that your enjoyed. I tune to CGC for all my finger picking. It seems to be a little easier on my fingers, but I'm sure it would work great in DAD as well. I don't mind at all if you learn the arrangement. I will have to ask my husband how to send you an MP3 of the arrangement. He's the computer geek of the family and I'm not sure how to go about it. I'll get back to you!

Jill Geary
10/27/12 10:35:20PM @jill-geary:

HI Karen,

I'm new to this site. Thanks for your "welcome." This is a marvelous arrangement. Is it at all possible to get an MP3 of this from you? I'd like to learn this arrangement with your permission :-)

We sing Jesus Loves Me every Sunday at a Nursing Home (I play the mandolin usually) but I would love to learn this arrangement and play it for the folks on the dulcimer. Of course it will take me forEVER! And you mentioned your tuning is CGC for this?


Jill Geary

San Diego

Karen Keane
10/20/12 05:31:37PM @karen-keane:

Thanks so much for listening Macy!

Macy Jayne
10/16/12 07:53:23PM @macy-jayne:

Beautiful playin Karen! Grin.gif

Karen Keane
10/16/12 05:46:00PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Gary and John. Glad you like it and thanks for listening.Grin.gif

John Keane
10/16/12 03:46:35PM @john-keane:

Just had to listen once more...love it! 8.gif

Karen Keane
10/11/12 08:05:05PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Chuck, I appreciate you listening!

Chuck Moseley
10/11/12 08:12:29AM @chuck-moseley:

Great job Karen! Grin.gif

Karen Keane
10/11/12 06:57:06AM @karen-keane:

Thanks so much Gayle, I'm glad that you liked my arrangement. The mural is actually a Victorian girl with a large skirt and a young man facing each other. We call them the dancers, because every music room needs some dancers to dance to the music. Thanks for watching!

Gayle Maurer
10/10/12 11:36:51PM @gayle-maurer:

Brought tears to my eyes - in a good way. So lovely! It brought back lots of memories, and you play with such (I am struggling for the right words) feeling. Thanks!

P.S. I like your mural - is that what it is? You might have said earlier but I didn't read through all the comments.

Karen Keane
10/10/12 07:41:07AM @karen-keane:

Glad to see you made it back from the deep depths of the earth. When I practice this hymn sometimes I do sing it, but it's really low for my voice in this key. Maybe, I'll try another key! Glad you enjoyed.

10/10/12 07:13:32AM @sam:

41.gif Aaahhh Miss Karen ... been waiting 3 days to listen to your 'Jesus Loves Me'. I just couldn't be more satisfied now that I've finally got to hear it. So peaceful, so pretty, so very very pretty. I'd still like to hear you sing it ... so, sometime, when you have time, give 'the Count' a bit of rest and treat us all to another visit to this exceptional ol hymn.

Karen Keane
10/09/12 07:12:06AM @karen-keane:

Thanks honey, Hey again Randy. Howdie Sue!

That was priceless at Dulcimerville of you guys saying the helping verbs. LOL I still laugh about that to this day. LOL

Thanks Sue, I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and thanks for listening.

Randy Adams
10/08/12 08:46:57PM @randy-adams:

"Love ya, Ms. Linda"

Yeppers me too! : )....

John Keane
10/08/12 07:58:26PM @john-keane:

Proud of you Karen! Beautiful job! 8.gif

Karen Keane
10/08/12 05:10:04PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Cheryl, Sam, Sheldon, Patty, Dave, Shirley again, Jim, Goschi, and Robin and I'm glad you all liked the arrangement.

Sam, I'm sorry to hear that you're buried in a cave deep beneath the earth under the sea, LOL, but I am anxious to hear you play it with a noter in DAA, can't wait! Sadly, Sam, I decided not to sing on this arrangement. For finger picking purposes, I keep one instrument (Count Chocula) tuned to CGC. It's just a tad too low in that key for my singing voice.

Sorry for putting it in your brain Cheryl, but some songs are just like that. LOL

What kind words you have Shirley. I'm so glad that my music brought back such a peaceful memory for you. I love this song and it was difficult to learn. It sounds really simple, but I am trying to anchor my middle finger for all the chord positions. That's what makes it so hard, but it helps sustain the sound throughout the song.
A big old Louisiana thanks to Linda Brockinton for straightening me out!!!! (I think she secretly likes to torture people!!!) LOL Grin.gif Love ya, Ms. Linda