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When I was on horseback. Traditional Irish

musician/member name: Monica
Duration: 00:00:43
A very slow Air from "Celtic songs and slow airs".
played on a Blue lion Mountain dulcimer (D a d)
08/31/15 11:35:12PM @monica:

Hi Gail, I am glad to hear you got the book. They are such beautiful pieces and yes they will keep you busy practicing.

Gail Webber
08/31/15 10:10:29PM @gail-webber:

That was very nice, Monica.  I ordered this book after hearing this and it came today.  Holy moly - half of the notes in the book are hammer ons and pull offs.  There are really some nice pieces in it, but they will take a lot of work!

08/19/15 07:54:28AM @monica:

 It's a blue lion John-Henry,  thanks for listening.

John Henry
08/19/15 03:15:50AM @john-henry:

Thanks for sharing Monica, who made you instrument ?


08/18/15 07:08:25PM @monica:

Thank you Dusty, I will have to rerecord again sometime after a bit of practice, something happens whenever the record button goes on ...and I mess the way I have a question for you , i sent a message

Dusty Turtle
08/18/15 06:42:45PM @dusty:

That's really nice, Monica.  You capture the haunting quality of the tune very well, and you play with both precision and patience. I agree with Strumelia; you could have played that several times through and I never would have lost interest.

08/18/15 10:18:21AM @monica:

Thanks for listening Bob !

Bob Reinsel
08/18/15 09:09:50AM @bob-reinsel:

Well played.  

08/16/15 11:05:15PM @monica:

Thank you Strumelia, that means a lot .

08/16/15 10:24:50PM @strumelia:

Wish it had lasted three or four times as long.  So pretty....

08/13/15 06:03:49PM @monica:

Thanks John !

John Keane
08/13/15 05:51:30PM @john-keane:

Way to go!

08/12/15 07:25:49PM @monica:

Thank you Dan and Jennifer sun

08/12/15 04:39:21PM @monica:

Thank you for listening  Lexie and Gordon sun

Gordon Hardy
08/12/15 03:36:29PM @gordon-hardy:

Thank you Monica, very sweetly played.

Lexie R Oakley
08/12/15 02:03:15PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very nicely play Monica.clapper