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Location: Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales
Country: GB

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soldiers joy 25 oct 10

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08/07/14 10:28:58AM @mandy:

YES - this is very cool !!Grin.gif

James Phillips
12/27/13 09:03:36AM @james-phillips:

Going through the archives of videos and found this. Great job on Soldier's Joy Robin! Can you share a bit more about the Galax dulcimer you're playing in this clip?

Jack Ferguson
12/28/10 03:23:22PM @jack-ferguson:
Sounds great...beautiful backdrop!
Bill S
12/25/10 11:48:18AM @bill-s:

I loved it, Robin!


Dusty Turtle
10/30/10 09:24:37PM @dusty-turtle:
Beautiful playing and beautiful scenery. I can just imagine the drones echoing through the hills.
Robin Thompson
10/26/10 10:33:10PM @robin-thompson:
I enjoyed the play and the scenery, Robin!It just so happens that I've got my Prussia Valley Music Box (ddd) here on my lap with a noter & short quill atop it. Think I'll give Soldier's Joy a go.
Robin Clark
10/26/10 04:01:47PM @robin-clark:
Aahh!!!It was bloody cold yesterday. Minus 5 in the morning!!!! It is just wet and windy today!I had been inside all day and was reading the Galax group posts late afternoon when I decided to take my dulcimer up the Ffordd Ddu just to get out in the sun for half an hour before it set and see if I could get a video recorded of my Galax. I don't have a tripod so I had to find two rocks up there: one for the camera and one for me to sit on. The SD card on my camera is just big enough to get one take on it - so it was switch it on and go for it!No need for "soldiers joy" yesterday (the only time I've had morphine was to get me through a long ambulance trip after one of my many climbing accidents!!!!!!) but I did crack open a bottle of Glenmorangie when I got back down off the hill.Robin
10/26/10 03:36:55PM @foggers:
Excellent - great energy in your playing Robin, and the backdrop is stunning too!
John Henry
10/26/10 02:58:01PM @john-henry:
Fleece time already Robin ??? Loved it , played as I think it should be. Are you going to explain what 'soldiers joy' was!!JohnH
john p
10/26/10 09:21:49AM @john-p:
Well played that man.Haven't managed to sort these songs out at all, there's Soldiers Joy, Boneparts Reatreat, Bonepart Crossing the Rhine and they all seemed to get mixed in together and I'm never quite sure what I'm playingSmile.gif