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Baby-O played on PVMB

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:18
Jean Ritchie, Don Pedi, and Randy Adams all influenced how I play this tune-- please don't blame any of them for my play, though!
The coughing and toenail noises are coming from our old pup.

PS - Dave Rogers, I'm using a false nut and an extra fret in this video. I don't have the touch with a noter the way some of my friends do. F'real.
Robin Thompson
11/09/15 09:56:13PM @robin-thompson:

Gail, thank you!  

I know you've got a treasure in that Don Neuhauser-built Galax!  I tried noting two strings with a dulcimer strung with equidistant strings and it wasn't easy.  I probably gave up on the set-up too quickly due to my own impatience.  

Have fun working with Baby-O!  

Gail Webber
11/09/15 04:39:59PM @gail-webber:

Robin, I have been listening to this again and you do such a nice job on it.  I am trying to learn this one on my Galax dulcimer - Don Neuhauser built it for me and I just received it in September.  I've never really been a noter player and trying to learn noting 2 equidistant strings is really a challenge!

Robin Thompson
10/28/15 03:44:48PM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks, Val!  Someday, I might actually get around to learning a few of the Irish tunes you play so beautifully. 

10/19/15 02:23:28PM @macaodha:

That is beautiful playing Robin.

Robin Thompson
09/16/15 09:31:14AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, Jennifer!  This tune can be played, given so many different sounds and this is just one of 'em.  It's fun to experiment. 

Jennifer Wren
09/16/15 01:37:10AM @jennifer-wren:

Just listened to this again.  It's so sweet.


Robin Thompson
07/26/15 01:10:35PM @robin-thompson:

It's great to have you back, Cheryl!  And thank you kindly for the comment! 

Cheryl Johnson
07/26/15 09:45:08AM @cheryl-johnson:

Love this tune and you played it great!  I am so drawn to old timey tunes and I love your style of playing.  Glad to be back to hear/see you play some more!!

Robin Thompson
07/09/15 09:04:35PM @robin-thompson:

I appreciate your kind comment, Steve!  Happy strumming! 

Steve Battarbee
07/09/15 06:56:28PM @steve-battarbee:

Nice Robin. Its good to have you post a vid again

Robin Thompson
07/09/15 04:44:56PM @robin-thompson:

Helen and Jeffrey, thanks a bunch!  It is fun using a noter and sliding on a string. :)

jeffrey charles foster
07/09/15 11:42:48AM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

your dulcimer playing is a sweet sound to my ears i also play noter drone style but am noit as accomplished at it but sure have fun trying!!!inlove


Helen Seiler
07/08/15 05:09:19PM @helen-seiler:

I really enjoyed this Robin...thanks for sharing.

Robin Thompson
07/08/15 11:09:25AM @robin-thompson:

Robin C, thanks a million!  Maybe someday I'll work on my tempo. . . ;)

Robin Clark
07/07/15 09:27:30PM @robin-clark:

Oh that's so sweet thumbsup

Robin Thompson
07/07/15 05:51:11PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, Bob!  

Happy strummin'! 

Bob Reinsel
07/07/15 11:35:29AM @bob-reinsel:

Great Stuff.  Thanks Robin.

Robin Thompson
07/06/15 10:59:20PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, friends! 

Robin, a false nut comes in handy sometimes.  

Gail Webber
07/06/15 12:37:59PM @gail-webber:

That sounded great, Robin, and I love the tune.

Ken Backer
07/06/15 11:47:55AM @ken-backer:

Nice playing, Robin.  More people should turn boxes into dulcimers.