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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
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Sally Ann

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:00:46
playing with my favorite guitar player for Mickey Abraham's Tune of the Week page on Facebook
Robin Thompson
09/21/16 08:10:39AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, friends! 

The shorter the video, the less chance to get worse.  :)

Alaska Pfeiff
09/21/16 12:50:11AM @alaska-pfeiff:

Love it!

Gail Webber
09/17/16 01:27:31PM @gail-webber:

That was great, but too short! 

Robin Thompson
09/13/16 07:30:48AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, dear friends!  Homemade music is the best-- makes a home happier.  :)

Helen Seiler
09/13/16 06:27:07AM @helen-seiler:

I love watching your fabulous noter playing Robin. I vote for more too. You guys sound so great together.

Steve Battarbee
09/08/16 08:46:27AM @steve-battarbee:

I always love listening to you two and this time is no exception :-)

Robin Thompson
09/06/16 06:19:32AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, Robin C!  I'm awaiting a new cd offering from you.  ;)


Robin Clark
09/05/16 12:30:45PM @robin-clark:

You two are my favourite trad music couple.  You create such a wonderful sound - little nuggets of gold glistening in an Ohio brook.

Robin Thompson
09/04/16 06:19:38PM @robin-thompson:

Y'all are kind to listen and comment!  Sally Ann is a tune I'll play for a time then forget about. . . It's fun to pull it out then and have a go with it.  :)

Jan Potts
09/04/16 04:58:08PM @jan-potts:

Beautiful Rod Hensley dulcimer.  He trained with Warren May in KY, so he learned to make a really good instrument. Enjoyed your little song appetizer, too.  thumbsup

ps  Is that your camper out the window?

09/03/16 12:59:43PM @macaodha:

Very very nice Robin, but have to agree with Dusty, is it teasing us, you are ?

Terry Wilson
09/02/16 08:30:30AM @terry-wilson:

Robin, that was some wonderful playing there.  More, more.

Robin Thompson
09/01/16 01:48:30PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks, y'all!  The request by the Facebook group on which this was posted was each tune be played just once.  And I'm playing a Rodney Hensley dulcimer. 

Happy strumming! 

09/01/16 01:28:37PM @monica:

Oh yes , that was much too short!!

Lexie R Oakley
09/01/16 11:10:35AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Nice tune, really enjoyed the short version. Robin, what is that dulci you are playing?

09/01/16 05:26:17AM @sam:

Love the tune, you make that dulcimer RING! ... and it sounds great. 

Steven Berger
09/01/16 12:20:08AM @steven-berger:

Sounds great!



Dusty Turtle
08/31/16 10:51:02PM @dusty-turtle:

Robin, that's a wonderful tune. I have one complaint, though: you end too soon!  Can't you play it like a dozen more times?