Salt Springs


Location: Salt Springs, Florida
Country: US

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Rock of Ages (Toplady)

Rock of Ages (Toplady)

style or instrument: Kevin Messenger's Prichard Reproduction

musician/member name: Salt Springs

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Terry Wilson
04/15/16 08:49:07AM @terry-wilson:

Very pretty.  Enjoyed the heck out of it.  I could see us sitting on a river bank, by a camp fire by night, waiting for a catfish to pull a line.  Aww, relaxing.

Salt Springs
04/14/16 10:19:21PM @salt-springs:

Judy Robinson:

Beautiful!  Is it a baritone dulcimer?

No............Kevin Messenger's Prichard strung with Piano wire and it's a grand instrument.   It sounds better than that clip; seems that I can't get my software to have a decent volume or record at a normal speed......thanks for the compliment, I take all of them at my the way I just lost power for a second so this my be a duplicate post.   When your the last one on the line out here in the forest there is always a brown out or two when the wind kicks up.

Judy Robinson
04/14/16 09:12:13PM @judy-robinson:

Beautiful!  Is it a baritone dulcimer?

Patty from Virginia
04/04/16 08:56:28PM @patty-from-virginia:

Really liked the way you played this!clapper It may be just me and it may be I had just listened to a loud song and my eardrums are still recovering, lol, but I do believe the volume is a bit low. Maybe I'm getting hard of hearing. 

Lexie R Oakley
04/04/16 11:35:59AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Really nicely played. I didn't hear any volume issues, sounded good.

Sandy Clifton
04/04/16 01:04:49AM @sandy-clifton:

I really liked the way you played the song.  I love the sound of your dulcimer.  It is a deeper sounding instrument that I really like.  How many strings do you have and what is your tuning? 

Kevin Messenger
04/03/16 11:58:20PM @kevin-messenger:

Seems to have worked nicely. I like you version of this fine hymn. Kevin..

Salt Springs
04/03/16 10:09:26PM @salt-springs:

This is a test recording to see if I have got all my gear working properly............let me know if there is a volume problem...thanks.