Salt Springs


Location: Salt Springs, Florida
Country: US

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Desert Dreams

Desert Dreams

style or instrument: Mojave Desert Flute/Rim Blown Native American Flute

musician/member name: Salt Springs

streams: 33

Helen Seiler
04/17/16 02:52:08PM @helen-seiler:

What a beautiful tone. I hadnt heard of rim blown flutes before. Its always great to hear and see and hear an instrument with history.

Patty from Virginia
04/17/16 02:11:21PM @patty-from-virginia:

Wow! I've heard of rim blown flutes but not see one up close. I'll bet it takes a lot a practice to get sounds. 

Terry Wilson
04/16/16 04:10:08PM @terry-wilson:

Thanks for the photos.   Nice.  Real nice.

Salt Springs
04/15/16 02:07:04PM @salt-springs:

Anasazi and Desert Flute............256

Salt Springs
04/15/16 01:56:05PM @salt-springs:

The Top flute is the Anasazi at 30 inches; the bottom is the Desert Flute at 24.7.........Scott August at Ceder Mesa flutes has a great write up and close up pics of these.

Lexie R Oakley
04/15/16 11:38:57AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very nicely played. Sounds like an amazing flute.

Judy Robinson
04/15/16 11:07:58AM @judy-robinson:

Wow.  That is not an easy flute to play!  Very haunting sound.  Yes, please post a picture, @Salt-Springs! I'd be interested to know if the spread for the fingers is doable for someone like me with shorter fingers.

Terry Wilson
04/15/16 08:40:48AM @terry-wilson:

 Haunting.  A love song.  Two quick thoughts thst came to mind.

I would love to see a photo of your 4 hole flute.

Nice job.

Salt Springs
04/15/16 04:04:57AM @salt-springs:

This is a sample of a Rim Blown Native American Flute played on a flute made by Michael Graham Allen constructed and replicating a flutes built in the 1800's by Native Americans.  This is a "short" flute of 24.7 inches and has four holes.  The root note is B4.  Michael  bases his design on the artifacts common in this area.