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POLL: How long ago did you start playing dulcimer?

Voting has Ended

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How many years ago did you first begin to play the mountain dulcimer?  It's OK if you have not played continuously since that time, but when was the first time you actually discovered and picked up a dulcimer and tried to play it?

>35 yrs (I first played a dulcimer more than 35 yrs ago)
20-35 yrs
12-20 yrs
7-12 yrs
3-7 yrs
1-3 yrs
<1 yr (I started playing the dulcimer less than a year ago)
0 (I have not actually started to play the mountain dulcimer yet)
Larry Goodwin
12/19/17 04:34:12PM @larry-goodwin:

Double melody string.  Accents the melody.

Lexie R Oakley
11/13/17 06:51:40PM @lexie-r-oakley:

This is amazing and very interesting Lisa, thanks for the poll. It is fun reading of everybody's experience with this wonderful instrument.

Jan Potts
11/13/17 02:04:38PM @jan-potts:

20-35 years   I made a cardboard one in 1991 and messed around with it for a little while.  Then I put it aside and only rarely got it out (and since I wasn't playing it, I didn't get any better on it!).  Finally went to Ky Music Week in 2009 and that was the boost I needed!  It took me another year or so to figure out some of my "issues" with the dulcimer, but I've been playing it regularly--and loving it--for 7 years now.  Sometimes it just takes awhile for something to "click"....

11/12/17 11:21:26PM @strumelia:

Of the 38 members who voted in this poll, it surprised me how many folks have played for a long time... more than a third of the folks who voted have played dulcimer for 20 years or more.  Wow!   dulcimer

Thanks everyone for your votes and comments!

Curtis Carlisle Bouterse
11/05/17 02:00:17PM @curtis-carlisle-bouterse:

I started playing hammered dulcimer in high school, in about 1957. I knew about mountain dulcimers through Jean Ritchie's records but had never seen one "live." Using the Charlie Seeger article I made my first one in 1963; since I only had the top profiles I guessed at the depth. (Mine was 3"!)

11/05/17 10:35:57AM @greg-gunner:

I started playing about 30 years ago after seeing a lady playing a mountain dulcimer at one of the Metroparks in Toledo.  Ordered my first dulcimer, a Folkroots dulcimer, from Elderly Instruments a couple of weeks later. 

11/05/17 10:12:37AM @jenniferc:

I bought my first MD about 4 years ago.  I played off and on the first 3 years,  but decided about a year ago I wanted to get more serious with it.   Now I can't imagine not having it in my life.  It's my number one passion.   I take monthly lessons with Mark Gilston, and play between 3 and 5 hours a day.  I love it! I have 6 dulcimers now, lol.

NH Girl
11/05/17 08:26:59AM @nh-girl:

Got my McSpadden in May 2017. Love it. I play mostly chord melody and find it hard to memorize the music but I really enjoy it. Playing just melody and finger dancing is much easier but I’m coming along.

11/04/17 11:17:02PM @strumelia:

Great to see you posting again, Lexie.  howdy

Lexie R Oakley
11/04/17 05:53:08PM @lexie-r-oakley:

How nice is this! I have learned through this site to play noter drone exclusively oh how sweet the sound. I began about 3 years ago.

Tony Karl
11/04/17 12:00:51AM @tony-karl:

I have been playing MD & HD off and on, for appx. 20yrs.

John Gribble
11/03/17 10:34:05PM @john-gribble:

I started around 1967, both playing and building. Messed with it for a few years, learned about the modes as a result, but drifted away for many years. I discovered this website and got re-introduced a few years ago, have acquired a several very nice instruments both old and new, and play semi-regularly. I feel a little like Rip Van Winkle, with all the developments over the years which I missed, but I'm happy to be playing it again. I find it very therapeutic.

Jak Stallings
11/03/17 03:40:36PM @jak-stallings:

Bought a Cripple Creek from Bud and Donna Ford in Colorado Springs. That was 1981 and I've been playing ever since.

Don Grundy
11/01/17 09:37:57PM @don-grundy:

About one year.  Four mountain dulcimers and one on order.

Steven Berger
11/01/17 04:25:14AM @steven-berger:

Noter/drone since 1985.

10/31/17 10:25:46PM @strumelia:

@PMundy doesn't look like you've placed your vote then... should be under the "less than a year" category.  Be sure to actually place your vote!    :)

10/31/17 08:54:04PM @pmundy:

Started mid September 2017

10/31/17 06:12:39AM @macaodha:

I'm still a beginner since around 1972.

10/30/17 08:34:11PM @strumelia:

Whaaat, no true beginners voting here yet??  popcorngirl

john lashley
10/29/17 06:41:33AM @john-lashley:

about 4 years ago for me now i own 3 dulcimers 2 mccspaddens and a 6 string classic cedar creek