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"Brushy Fork of John's Creek" old-time fiddle tune

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Duration: 00:05:25
Brian on fiddle, Steve on guitar, Lisa on banjo. November 2010 at Steve's house in NY, playing the traditional fiddle tune "Brushy Fork of John's Creek". This tune was adapted from fiddlers Hiram Stamper and Art Stamper.
Beth Hansen-Buth
12/02/11 02:25:09PM @beth-hansen-buth:

That's a great tune!

03/31/11 04:26:58PM @teri-west:
That was great! Wish I could fiddle like that! I played classical violin when I was young and just can't get that folk sound down. Guess I should try playing along with the videos and see if that helps.
Sue Simms
02/24/11 11:28:53AM @sue-simms:
great playing ! Grin.gif
01/03/11 04:17:56PM @keltia:
Brian & Lisa rule here =)
11/17/10 01:24:04PM @foggers:
Lisa - I like your comments about "The Look". Now I have been playing and singing with Richard and Kathy for about 15 months we have developed our own ways of keeping in sync, including ways to gently signal if one of us is out of tune or tempo. It is all part of the dynamics that grow when people regularly play together. At an old time fiddle session we sometimes to and listen to, the agreed signal is the raising of the left foot!
Robin Thompson
11/17/10 11:07:00AM @robin-thompson:
Randy, I already gave it five-- I hit it again to give it five more! Smile.gifAnd yup to what you said about these tunes-- you've got to go into them and go in deep.
Robin Clark
11/17/10 09:25:45AM @robin-clark:
Hi Lisa,That's great!!!!! Brilliant - I love it !!!!!!!!I sooo much wanted to join the jam that I've been playing along to the video this lunchtime on my Galax.Robin
John Henry
11/17/10 09:12:35AM @john-henry:
Job done Randy *****JohnH
Randy Adams
11/17/10 08:46:00AM @randy-adams:
You know what?...this is the kind of music play it y'gotta study it..listen to it.....learn the nuances of it...what to put in there...just as important what not to put in...learn the history of it.....get down to the bottom of it.....not to mention practice it for lotsa years....Yeah you 3 have it there Lisa...thx!....somebody give it another 5 mierda del toro....
John Henry
11/17/10 12:27:10AM @john-henry:
Good music played in the home, fantastic ! Its what I like best these days, thank you.JohnH
11/16/10 09:41:59PM @strumelia:
Thanks you guys.The camera was a little shaky, but Steve's wife had never shot a video before.Right before the end, at 5:06 minutes, you can see Brian and I exchange 'The Look' which means we are agreeing to end the tune. And as soon as we exchange that, you can see Brian shoot 'The Look' very quickly over to Steve, who also gets the message. lol! People are always asking us how on earth we know when to all stop playing at the same time. They miss the little signals. This particular A modal tune has a lot of open drone strings in it, which as you can imagine I especially love.
Flint Hill
11/16/10 09:18:44PM @flint-hill:
This is really fine. Enjoyed the close-ups of your clawhammer playing, especially.
Robin Thompson
11/16/10 11:55:19AM @robin-thompson:
I love this tune, Lisa! There's nothing like a great old-time fiddle tune.Got my dulcimer on my lap now, tuned to EAA, and was playing a rhythm with y'all. Thanks for posting this!
11/16/10 11:41:10AM @foggers:
Lovely mellow playing there!
Bill Lewis
11/16/10 11:31:12AM @bill-lewis:
Lisa you are one talented lady. Brian and Steve aren't half bad either. Was your playing what you would call claw-hammer playing? Thanks for sharing. Grin.gif